The 10 Best Tool Backpacks

Do you need to carry tools around often for your job or for home improvement projects? If so, you’ll want to look at possibly investing in tool backpacks. These products are designed to help hold everything you need to bring with you, like hammers, nails, and even saws in one place so you can easily climb up ladders or crawl around in tight spaces without having to carry everything around on your own. Many of these backpacks also sometimes can hold laptops, so you can take your device around with you without problems if you need to use it. If this sounds like something that can help you, keep reading. Below you’ll find the 10 best tool backpacks you can consider investing in to help make your job go much more smoothly.

DEWALT DGL523 Tool BackpackDEWALT DGL523 Tool Backpack

The DEWALT DGL523 Tool Backpack is a durable product designed with over 57 pockets you can use to store items away in. There are 48 pockets sewn into the interior of this product and 9 on the exterior of it. It features a mix of black and yellow fabric and at the top of the backpack you’ll find a bright LED light built in. This light is designed to help make working in dim areas easier as well as to help you to see better when you’re working on intricate projects. It has three different light levels and can be rotated around so you can adjust the beam to your needs. In addition to this, the backpack is made to be comfortable so even with heavy tools inside it won’t be bulky and uncomfortable to wear.


Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool BackpackCustom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack

This durable backpack by Custom Leathercraft features a light brown and black fabric that has over 44 pockets sewn into it – 41 pockets on the inside and 7 pockets on the outside. On the side of the backpack you’ll find a pen holder which you can use to store pencils and pens in to help make it more convenient for you if you need to grab a writing utensil for your project. There are also a few buckles located around the exterior of the backpack, such as a chest strap, you can use to help keep the backpack better balanced when you wear it. The exterior also has a sturdy handle on the top which can help you to transport the backpack around easier if you don’t want to carry it around on your back. This backpack is made to be comfortable to wear as it features soft padding inside it. This durable backpack also features rubber feet on the bottom to help prevent damage from occurring to the bag if you need to place it near a wet, rocky, or dirty area.


Klein Tools Electrician Tool BackpackKlein Tools Electrician Tool Backpack

The Klein Tools Electrician Tool Bag is a sturdy item that features a sleek black fabric with orange accents. This affordable backpack has over 39 pockets built into it to help you easily transport any tools you need around. Inside the backpack, you’ll find plenty of tall pockets which are meant to help keep large tools like screwdrivers secure when inside. There is also a tough rubber pocket on the front of the backpack where you can store any safety glasses you need to use without fear of them breaking during the transport. On the bottom of the backpack, you’ll find a durable rubber molding which is designed to help prevent the backpack from being ruined by water or dirt when you place it on the ground. This affordable klein tool bag is also very lightweight so it won’t be a hassle to carry around.


Jackson Palmer Tool BackpackJackson Palmer Tool Backpack

This tool backpack by Jackson Palmer is an affordable product that’s made with a sleek tan and black design. It features soft padding inside to make wearing it more comfortable as well as a chest strap across the front which you can use to help keep the backpack more secure on your body when you wear it. The backpack is designed to not only hold tools, but also laptops. It has special padded compartments inside you can use to prevent your items from being scratched or damaged. In addition to this, this product also features a rubber base on the bottom which helps to keep the backpack durable when you need to place it on the ground often. On the exterior of the backpack you’ll find a bottle/flashlight holder, a side loop which you can use to store hammers in, and special straps on the front which can be used as a way to attach other items, like helmets, to the backpack. This product comes with two pouches you can use to help store small tools and items away so they don’t get lost. These pouches feature clips on them as well so you can attach them to the backpack’s zippers if you want to bring them around with you.



The REVCO GB100 BSX is a compact and durable backpack designed to help keep all items you need to transport with you in one place. It features a red and black design and has a special helmet catch on the front which you can use to keep your helmet safe from scratches and damages. This lightweight backpack has a plenty of room inside with various pockets and even a side pocket on the exterior that you can use to keep gloves in. However, this item isn’t the most water-resistant so you need to be very careful when using it in wet areas.


DEWALT DGC530 Tool BackpackDEWALT DGC530 Tool Backpack

The DEWALT DGC530 Tool Backpack is an affordable model that features a black and yellow design and 23 pockets. Inside the backpack, you’ll find three large pockets you can use to store large devices like your phone in. You’ll also find 20 other pockets inside you can use to store tools in and three pockets on the outside of the backpack you can put gloves or small tools in so you can quickly grab them when necessary.

This backpack also has an internal charging feature which you can use to help ensure your devices have a full battery. This charger has a special feature where it will stop charging once it detects that the battery has been fully charged which means you don’t have to worry about it overheating. This dock can charge two devices at once with its two built-in USB cords.

In addition to this, the backpack is made to be comfortable, thanks to the foam padding sewn into it, so you won’t have to worry about it being bulky or uncomfortable to transport around. You’ll also find strong rubber feet on the bottom of it which helps to prevent the backpack from tearing or being ruined by water if it’s in a messy or dirty area.


Rugged Tools Tool BackpackRugged Tools Tool Backpack

This 28 pocket tool backpack by Rugged Tools features a black and yellow polyester fabric that is made to last. This means you won’t have to worry about the fabric tearing easily when you’re out and about with the backpack. This fabric covers a hard plastic shell built into the backpack’s structure which is designed to help prevent damages to the contents inside. The backpack is also made with heavy-duty zippers so there’s no need to worry about them breaking in high-impact situations. The Rugged Tools Tool Backpack also has soft padding sewn into it to prevent the backpack’s straps from being uncomfortable when you put them on. This affordable and compact backpack also features a chest strap across the front to help keep the backpack balanced and easier to carry when you’re wearing it. On the bottom of this backpack, you’ll also find a durable rubber bottom which is designed to help keep this product’s fabric free from damages when placed on the ground.


VETO Pro Pac Tech BackpackVETO Pro Pac Tech Backpack

This backpack by VETO Pro Pac is made out of a durable black nylon fabric that features over 56 tool pockets on the inside of it alone. The interior of the backpack also has over four different storage compartments you can use to separate the various tools you have inside into different categories. On the back of this product you’ll also find a separate compartment which is designed to help keep large pieces of equipment, like drills, safe. The VETO Pro Pac Tech Backpack is made with a strong plastic shell which not only helps to prevent damages to your equipment, but prevents the backpack from falling over when you place it on the ground. You’ll also find that the straps can be adjusted so that they fit your preferences perfectly. While a little on the pricey side, this backpack is made to last and be very comfortable when you wear it.


Milwaukee Electric Tool BackpackMilwaukee Electric Tool Backpack

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Backpack is an affordable option making it great for those on a budget. It features a black and red fabric that is designed to prevent tears from occurring easily. The backpack has over 22 pockets you can store tools in, as well as a laptop compartment you can keep your device in to help keep it free from damages. In addition to this, this product also features a quick access pocket in the front which gives you immediate access to any tools you need at that moment. The straps of this backpack are adjustable and feature soft padding in them. There is also a chest strap sewn into them which can help to keep the backpack evenly balanced on you when you wear it.


Carhartt Legacy Tool BackpackCarhartt Legacy Tool Backpack

This tool backpack by Carhartt Legacy is made out a durable soft brown polyester fabric. This fabric features a special water-resistant coating so if you need to wear it out in the rain or in wet situations, you don’t have to worry about it or the contents inside being damaged. This backpack features over 43 pockets that are separated into two different compartments inside. You’ll also find a flap in the front of the backpack which is meant to help keep long and bulky tools quickly at your disposal without them getting in the way. The exterior of the backpack features a unique air mesh fabric which helps with keeping air circulation moving inside this product. You’ll also find two padded adjustable straps on the front you can use to secure the backpack on you. While one of the more expensive options, this compact product is meant to last and is designed to be large enough to help transport tools of all sizes.


Thanks to these great tool backpacks, you’ll no longer have to worry about having to make multiple trips to gather necessary supplies. Instead, you’ll be able to transport everything you need with this backpack which can help you not only get the job done quickly, but without hassles. The choices above are some of the top picks you can use when you need to transport your tools around. If you’re looking for the best tool bag to invest in, definitely consider the ones mentioned above.