All-Star Backpack Duffel

Solo New York has come out with the ideal duffel backpack that is fit enough for any type purpose. It has been especially designed for everyday use in an urban milieu – such as New York.

Having to carry around our belongings while commuting across a hectic city, crowded transport and unpredictable weather is made easy by using this backpack. The Varsity Collection is a diverse mix of retro, sporty and modern, all combining seamlessly to create a clean and sleek bag. Its ultra lightweight properties allow you to have maximum mobility, while making it possible to place more things inside without rising its weight too much.

As it’s been said before, this backpack is built for owners to use for whatever purpose they need. Its large capacity makes it possible to store pretty much anything; from books and a laptop, to a complete set of workout clothes.

The inside of the bag helps you keep organized. Its multiple compartements allow you to keep you laundy, shoes, or laptop separate from the rest of the items to either give them extra protection, or keep dirtyness and messiness to a minimum. Besides this helpful division, it includes additional internal organizers and separators. For your comfort, adjustable and removable shoulder straps as well as padded straps are featured in the Varsity Collection.

This diverse backpack is available in two modern colors: city-cool black, or deep burgundy.


All-Star Backpack Duffel