Alchemy Equipment Carry-On Bag

It is widely known that documenting a suitcase while travelling by air can be incredibly stressful. One has to be cautious about not packing it overweight, hopefull that it does not get lost in the journey, or have things stolen from it. This is especially true when we take short trips, but our carry on luggage is too small to carry all our stuff; so we’re forced to document a larger suitcase.

Fortunately, the Alchemy Equipment Carry-On Bag is here to make luggage and travelling a breeze. This bag has been designed to meet all the IATA standards for carry on luggage, so you can be sure that no matter how much you fill it up, your 45L capacity bag will not be turned away.

The exterior of this bag is composed of two layers of a waxed, cotton-like fabric to simulate a leather look, as well as providing your items with protection.

The zippers allow full and easy access to the largest and main compartment, as well as the much needed padded laptop and tablet spaces. The interior of the bag counts with a water-resistant section for toiletries. On the outside, the bag also has pockets for magazines or loose documents like your plane ticket, or reservation confirmations.


Alchemy Equimpent Carry-On BagAlchemy Equimpent Carry-On BagAlchemy Equimpent Carry-On BagAlchemy Equimpent Carry-On Bag