5 Tips To Dressing for the Gym the Kanye Way

The gym is not often a place for people to get creative with what they wear. After all, it’s only 45 minutes to an hour and a half of sweating primarily so you can look better in a different setting (such as the beach or out on the town with friends).

But many celebrities make a strong case that dressing fashionable for your workout is important for feeling good while you attack the crunches, the treadmill, and the curls.

One of these celebrities is Kanye West, whose wardrobe choices at the gym are often featured on social media.

Here are five tips you can take from Kanye for establishing your style at the gym.

Vintage Tees

kanye west gym clothing outfit style tips

Kanye was spotted leaving the gym on March 2nd wearing this “Harley Davidson” vintage shirt. No, it’s not a workout brand shirt with all the fancy benefits meant to aid you during your workout. But the vintage tee is both functional and fashionable for burning those calories.

Streamlined Track Pants

fashion style of kanye west for fitess

Kanye sported these throwback, Adidas brand track pants on his way to the gym on February 4th.

And once again, it’s not the latest in workout clothing technology. But nothing about these fashionable wears kept people from building muscle mass back in the day, so they sure won’t hinder you now.


Surprising Footwear

saint pable new balance shoes that kanye west is wearing

Kanye’s preferred footwear of choice is this pair of Yeezy Boost 350’s. Kanye’s taste for shoes are expensive, so you may not be able to follow in his footsteps here. But don’t ruin otherwise fashionable workout attire because you didn’t think the footwear was important.


Inner Roadman

kanye west where are you yeezy

This is Kanye on February 8th rocking the black socks with his workout pants tucked into them.

He’s considered a trendsetter/trend creator, so the message here is don’t be afraid to be unique.

No Expense Spared

That pair of Yeezy’s featured earlier currently runs for $850. The cost might be the toughest part to imitating Kanye’s workout style.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider dressing well for the gym, even if you can’t do it at the same price tag as Kanye West.