Vollebak Planet Earth Hoodie

The Vollebak Planet Earth Hoodie was created with the full intention of protecting you, no matter where you are, or what conditions in which you find yourself.

This hoodie is completely adaptable, complete with a hinged Merino visor, as well as an integrated collar and hood. The latter can rapidly be switched between any one of four configurations, giving you complete control over how you protect yourself from the elements.

Made of ultra fine Merino and brushed fleece, the Planet Earth Hoodie is extremely soft. It has the ability to keep you warm when the weather is cold, or cool if the weather is hot.

With a pull tab on the collar, you’ll also find it has vents. A zippered pocket in the rear helps keep valuables safe from harm and loss. Manufactured in Portugal from Italian fabric, you can both machine wash this hoodie or choose to dry clean it.

Additionally, this hoodie is highly elastic, breathable and high wicking. Better still, it has an excellent resistance against odor. The insulating properties are perfect and work even when the hoodie gets wet.


 Vollebak Planet Earth Hoodie Vollebak Planet Earth Hoodie