V Motorcycles BMW R80T

Created by a motorcycle enthusiast who, at the time, did not even have his own bike workshop, the V Motorcycles BMW R80RT is a bike that took the world of motorcycles by storm with its innovation and well-made aesthetics. This motorcycle is a rebuild of the classic, 1993 ex police bike, the BMW R80RT. The changing and redesigning of the original bike into what would become known as the V Motorcycles BMW R80RT began with the motor itself. The creator, Mark, decided to rebuild the entire motor from the top down. This means that everything, including parts like the bearings, seals, rings, gaskets and clutch plate, were all totally replaced. After this occurred, the motor was given a powder coating and was then sanded down by hand to reach the bare metal. The refurbishment even occurred on the carburetors, and there was a custom-made heat shield crafted out of aluminum that provided that added bit of protection. This sweet motorcycle comes with Motogadget gear all across the dashboard to make it that much more unique. There is a keyless ignition that uses RFID recognition to work in order to stop someone from getting their hands on it that does not own it. It also comes with a sleek, black leather seat that has been given a striking and refreshing teak wood seat hump. The seat of the V Motorcycles BMW R80RT is complete by the integrated LED light.

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