Top 10 Sexiest and Dirty Movies of Hollywood in 2018

We all watch movies for different reasons. Some of us love the action of big-budget superhero flicks. Others enjoy the bursts of laughter of the latest comedies. Then, of course, there are the moviegoers that love the suspense of drama and thrillers. Where we can all come together is the common ground of the sexiness within some of those films.

2018 has been a hot year for Hollywood, and we’re not just talking because of the high numbers in the box office. It has been a titillating year for the cinema, giving us these 10 sexiest movies.

Black Panther

black panther

Go on, it’s alright to admit that, while Black Panther was a well-received entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan’s abs undoubtedly stole the show. That’s not to minimize the solid plot and acting abilities of the entire cast, but let’s not forget why we’re here.

There were plenty of chiseled six packs which were accentuated even more during the pivotal fight for the throne of Wakanda between Boseman and Jordan. Even Jordan’s tattoos don’t take away from the built physique that women pine over.

The strong female cast of Lupita nyong’o and Danai Gurira standing at Boseman’s side only further enhanced the sexuality of the film. Of course, for those of you that have an attraction to sophistication, Martin Freeman fulfills that desire.

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There is nothing sexy about sexual assault, but Flower finds a way to integrate it into a comedy-drama that isn’t afraid of showing sex appeal. The film follows Erica Vandross, a teenage girl living a complicated life, prostituting for the sake of her father. Amidst her teenage antics, she meets her new step-brother, Luke, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a teacher.

Flower then turns into a comedic tale of revenge that loves to tease the audience with hints of sexuality. It’s an endearing movie that isn’t so sexed up that it’s obnoxious or unbelievable.

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aquaman movie

In December, while many are preparing to unwrap a boatload of Christmas presents, moviegoers will be unwrapping the treat that is Aquaman. Once a character known for his comical superpower – talking to fish – Jason Momoa breathes sexuality into the Atlantean. Those that remember him from his Dothraki days will be happy to know that, yes, the body returns as well.

Opposite Momoa’s Arthur Curry is Amber Heard, filling the role of Mera, his love interest. Heard isn’t some damsel in distress, however. She’s a strong warrior of Atlanta with a sex appeal to match Momoa’s.

There’s no doubt that Aquaman will go down as one of the sexiest movies of the DC universe.

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On Chesil Beach


Adapted from Ian McEwan’s 2007 novel of the same name, the film puts Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle in the lead spots, supported by everybody’s favorite former wizard Emma Watson. The gorgeous cast deals with the issues of sex in a unique way.

A newly wedded couple, Ronan and Howle, are on their honeymoon on the darling shores of Chesil Beach. Though their love is unquestioned, their ability to consummate the marriage gets troublesome as Ronan’s controversial past makes sex a taboo.

The steamy duo may have a complicated sex life – that is no sex life – but the attraction and love the two share in this British drama is far sexier than many overt sex-fests. The will they/won’t they and the progression of their relationship because of their complications in the bedroom are raw and the film offers up some very spicy scenes to entice the audience.

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It’s as if Sebastian Leilo wanted to fulfill so many fantasies when he cast Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams as the two lovers in Disobedience. The title alone is enough to pique your interest and you can bet it’s as sexy as it sounds.

Weisz’s Ronit Krushka returns to her primarily Orthodox Jewish community and rekindles a friendship with her childhood friend, Dovid Kuperman (McAdams). That friendship, however, turns into a hot-and-heavy romance that exudes sexuality through the silver screen.

Disobedience doesn’t shy away from putting Weisz and McAdams on screen together and seems to thrive on the chemistry the two have. For the audience, that means plenty of sexy encounter intermingled within the lustful and controversial tale.

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How to Talk to Girls at Parties


Consider this a new-aged Earth Girls are Easy, just without the camp and awkwardness. How to Talk to Girls at Parties is a new take on rebellious teenagers, this time putting an extraterrestrial teen in the role of the youngster exploring herself, her sexuality, and a new world.

Elle Fanning fills the role of Zan, the rebellious alien girl that falls for Alex Sharp’s Enn, a punk human. The two embark on a journey through 1970s London, with each trying to better understand the other. What results is a fun spin on the sexiness of being young and free set against an unusual backdrop that results in a standoff against punk rockers and aliens.

The movie is whimsical and with the beautiful Elle Fanning in the lead, you can bet there is plenty of eye candy.

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What’s sexier than prom night? For anyone that remembers high school, not much. The aptly named Blockers recalls that steamy night, but from a different perspective. While much of the film follows Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena as the concerned parents of Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Gideon Adlon, the subject matter is all about teenage sexuality.

The audience – and the on-screen parents – spiral through what appears to be a secretive world featuring coded messages written in emojis and completely new phraseology. For much of the audience, the comedic Blockers has viewers recalling their steamy teenage years.

As the movie is all about sex, you can bet some raunchy scenes sneak their way in. One in particular puts Office Space and Veep alum Gary Cole in a very provocative position.

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It’s almost a guarantee that if Tyler Perry’s name precedes a movie and it’s not about Madea, it is going to be one hot and heavy tale. At the core of the film is Taraji P. Henson, a woman who has been dealing with her husband’s serial cheating. Acrimony follows Henson’s Melinda Gayle on a spiral into insanity while treating the audience to a saultry casting of Lyriq Bent and Crystle Stewart as Melinda’s husband, Robert, and his secret lover, Diana Wells.

The electrifying thriller is as sexy as it is scandalous as each of the three entangled in this love triangle show off their very best sides. Tyler Perry doesn’t pull any punches in tantalizing the audience and there is plenty of Bent’s half-naked rear-end to excite viewers.

The film may not have been well-received, but the chemistry between Bent and the two leading ladies  was spot on delicious.

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Red Sparrow


Put Jennifer Lawrence in a leading role and you already have a sexy film. Give her a Russian accent and you’ve increased that sexiness tenfold. After being recruited by the Russian government, Lawrence’s Dominika, is forced to seduce a CIA agent played by Joel Edgerton. While she serving as a Russian agent, Dominika discovers what it feels to be free, both in mind and body.

Since the central plot revolves around her seducing Edgerton’s Nathaniel Nash, there is a lot of sex. Granted, some of it is tough to watch as it’s violent and unwanted, but the scenes between Lawrence and Edgerton are generally on the steamier, sexier side.

The film was released with a generally positive reception and is top of the sexier movies to have released in 2018.

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Fifty Shades Freed


The steamy conclusion to the Fifty Shades trilogy may not amplify the sexuality from the previous entries, but it certainly doesn’t downplay it. The focus of the concluding chapter revolves around trust, betrayal, and jealousy, but we’re reminded that Christian Grey still has that play room we love getting a glimpse of.

The sexuality between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson continues to light up the screen, especially when Christian and Anastasia continue to show just how difficult it is to keep their hands off one another.

Dakota once again bares all for many of the more erotic scenes and Dornan’s physique is impressively toned, so there is a bit of something for everyone. Considering the source material, there was no doubting that Fifty Shades Freed would wind up being the dirtiest movie to hit cinemas in 2018.

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Rough Night

What happens when some of Hollywood’s sexiest vixens embark on a weekend romp in Miami? The answer is a chuckle-worthy dark comedy where the greatest allure is the ladies on the title card. Amidst the frantic ridiculous plot, the audience gets to enjoy the main cast exuding sex appeal as they prove even ladies can take a stab at the dark comedy market.

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Atomic Blonde

Two of Hollywood’s hottest, Charlize Theron and James McAvoy, electrify the big screen in this fun take on the spy genre. Theron’s portrayal as MI6 field agent Lorraine Broughton borders on the line of action star and sex symbol, a line that’s even further blurred with the introduction of Delphine Lasalle. McAvoy dominates as always with a confidence that’s arrogant and alluring.

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Thor: Ragnarok

thor ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has arguably been the sexiest addition to the Marvel universe and though he’s lost his golden locks, there’s no denying that he’s still got it. In fact, some may argue the shorter hair is a better look for the hammer-wielding boy-toy. Beyond just Thor, Ragnarok takes the Marvel series in a less brooding direction, letting the audience indulge in the fun side of comic book movies and, of course, some Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo action.

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Girls Trip

Sometimes, there’s just nothing sexier about a group of girls getting together and having fun. Throw in a weekend of debauchery in the Big Easy and you have Girls Trip, featuring a stunning cast of Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, and Jada Pinkett Smith. As the ladies enjoy an uninhibited time in New Orleans, the audience gets to watch them explore their wilder sides with some provocative results.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Charlie Hunnam wields the legendary Excalibur. Really, that’s all you need to know going into this messy take on the Arthurian legend. Guy Ritchie has no problem showcasing Hunnam’s almost boyish charm and good looks, which dominate a film which not even the addition of other easy-on-the-eyes actors such as Eric Bana, Jude Law, and Aidan Gillen can save.

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Ghost in the Shell

scarlett johansson ghost in the shell
The theatrical take on the Japanese anime may not have dominated the box office, but there likely isn’t a guy out there that took issue with watching Scarlett Johansson parade around in the staple skin-tight costume. If you can get past the convolution of the film, you’ll be treated to a visual spectacle that’s a treat for the eyes.

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The Beguiled

the beguiled
Daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia, tackles this sensually twisted tale which finds the dreamy Colin Farrell in the company of attractive leading ladies Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning. The sexually charged flick benefits from a slow, sensual burn leads up to a twist ending that’ll have your head spinning and your stomach turning

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Tulip Fever

tulip fever
This scandalous tale brings a lesser-known time period of Dutch history to light as Dane Dehaan and Alicia Vikander share a sexual spark. Artist and subject share an unexpected connection and go against the odds to let their love and future bloom, treating the audience to the eroticism of unforbidden love.

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baywatch hot movie
This 2017 movie bends the appeal of the original television series, focusing heavily on action and comedy to drive a subpar plot. Viewers, however, may be too enthralled by the raw sex oozing from the screen as Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, and many more enjoy spending a bulk of the movie in revealing bathing suits and making hearts race.

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Fifty Shades Darker

fifty shades darker movie
The pinnacle of sexuality and one camera angle shy of an XXX rating, Fifty Shades Darker tests the viewer’s ability to see through a paper-thin plot to enjoy the raunchy follow-up to Fifty Shades of Grey. As expected, the stakes are higher and Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are once again forced to get to know one another on an incredibly intimate level.

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