Rechargeable EDC Fire: Tesla Coil Lighter

Starting a fire without a flame used to be a nail-tough backcountry skill; now, it’s as easy as pushing a button. Tesla Coil Lighters (not the car/spaceship company) introduces an EDC-friendly electric arc lighter, which produces a viable spark with no flame or butane.

The sleek lighter is a rechargeable, windproof solution to butane lighters. It’s even an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional plastic lighters.

The innovative tech sparked our attention. Read on below.

tesla coil usb lighters

A Tiny Electrical Storm

Tesla Coil Lighters creates an electric arc, a high-density electrical current between two electrodes. Ever seen The Terminator? When Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives in 1984 from the future as an assassin cyborg, he does so in a storm of electric arcs.

That’s pretty cool, but there is virtually no danger you’ll ignite a humanity-destroying electrical storm with the Tesla Coil Lighter. Its electrodes are only about join- — er, cigarette — distance apart.

The company also adds a safety feature that disables the lighter from sparking accidentally, i.e., when it’s in your pocket. And though it seems to fall under the common sense category, it also advises keeping the lighter away from your face, body, and flammable clothing during use.

Electric Charge in the Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters recharge with a common USB cable. The company estimates a full charge lasts 100-300 uses “or about a week.” Do you spark a lighter 300 times a week? I’m not sure I even do that, and I smoke a lot of j…cigarettes.

tesla coil usb lighters

Get Electrified

Tesla Coil Lighters’ arc lighter is a sustainable, rechargeable alternative to conventional butane lighters. It’s a worthy consideration for EDC kits, with its windproof, rechargeable, zero-waste capability.

My only caveat is that losing it as often as, ahem, some people lose lighters would get expensive quickly — each Tesla Coil Lighter arc lighter costs $23 MSRP.


tesla coil usb lighterstesla coil usb lighterstesla coil usb lighters