The Sony Airpeak Drone is Stealthy… on Details

2015 was the year drones really took off at CES; you couldn’t throw a lithium-ion battery without hitting a quadcopter hawker in the nose. Fast forward five seasons, and the craze has slowed down, if only slightly, but enough for Sony to release their Airpeak Drone with little-to-no details and still make a buzz.

Though there are few confirmed details about Sony’s new drone, the imagery does reveal a few key elements. Sony claims that these are the lightest consumer drones capable of carrying their Alpha line of cameras. Without any weight information being released, it’s hard to confirm that, but from the look of it, the Airpeaks is about the same size as DJI’s Prosumer Matrice 210.

sony airpeak drone

Camera and Glass Integration in the Sony Airpeak Drone

The good news about this setup from Sony is the ability to integrate their cameras and glass. The lightweight and uber-sharp Alpha lineup is loved by videographers around the globe, especially for its low-light shooting capabilities. Surely some crafty shooter is out there right now rubbing their hands together, planning some gorgeous evening scene with an Alpha A7III and some nice glass.

Though Sony hasn’t stepped into the drone market until well after it has been established, you have to assume that they have done their homework. The initial look at the Airpeak gives the impression that they have cribbed a lot of notes from best-in-class examples and put out a formative product whose unique advantage is Sony’s camera systems and lenses. We can’t wait to get our Alpha-loving hands on one.

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