Sonos Arc – The Smart Soundbar for Your Sonic Sanctuary

It’s the end of a long day, and your favorite band is about to take the stage. All you want to do now is grab your favorite cold bevvie and let the sound take over. A familiar vibration fills the air. Your heart palpitates as you await the oncoming sonic blast. The crowd roars to life as the Sonos Arc smart soundbar pours an ocean of exquisite sound into…your living room?

With the Sonos Arc, you can bring the cinema-quality ruckus home, whether you’re into music, movies, sports, or anything beyond. The Arc promises premium sound quality and smart-capable, easy operation on its ascent toward soundbar excellence. So, how does Sonos do it, and how do you get your hands on one? Take a close listen to find out — it’s kinda loud in here.

sonos arc smart soundbar

SOUNDCHECK: Premium Output

The Sonos Arc smart soundbar promises immersive sound quality. This premium smart soundbar’s design produces a unique effect: instead of sound coming straight out of the bar, it moves around the listener, creating a multi-dimensional soundstage. Sonos teamed up with industry giant Dolby to pull it off, which applied its Atmos surround system to the Arc. Atmos uses high-performance drivers firing outward from the soundbar at varying heights to achieve texture. Sonos adds horizontal stages, and viola: sounds become three-dimensional.

So now that we have the depth of sound — and width and height — what about range? Sonos guarantees performance at all tiers of the sonic spectrum with the Arc’s eleven total drivers, from crisp tweets to rumbling woofs. But this smart soundbar is not just a powerhouse — Sonos also locked down the details by consulting Oscar-winning sound engineers. Losing the plot between the saturated explosions and over-produced soundtrack? Constantly yo-yoing the volume between dialogue and action scenes? Forget it: with the Arc, each word should come through crystal clear.

sonos system in black

ONE-TWO, ONE-TWO: Set Your Stage

Arc is prepared to take any stage with high-tech tuning, signature embedded technology, and plenty of options to customize the system to your space.

Worried about introducing Arc into the best sonic environment in your home? Enter Trueplay tuning. Developed in-house by Sonos, Trueplay calibrates channels according to the smart soundbar’s specific location. The technology effectively optimizes Arc’s performance, regardless of its location.

Speaking of which, you can also control Arc from just about anywhere. Download the Sonos app or Apple Airplay 2 to command it from any device. The next option is to talk to the smart soundbar — Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are standard. Then again, maybe you’re a connoisseur of renaissance technology. In that case, use the remote.

Arc is also ready to amplify your entire collection from wherever you stash it. Get the Sonos app or Apple Airplay 2 and stream content from any of the usual-suspect streaming services.

IN STEREO: The Sonos Soundbar System

Finally, the Arc system is modular and adjustable. The Arc itself is the flagship, designed for TVs sized 49 inches and larger. If you have a smaller space or screen, Sonos recommends the Beam, which distills the Arc’s power into a five-driver system. Either way, Sonos offers a wireless sub and a pair of rear surrounds to complete your sonic paradise. And if that seems like a lot of equipment, don’t worry — the Arc’s low-profile, understated aesthetic is here to complement your vibe, not kill it.

Customizable, capable, and sleek, this soundbar is ready for any home stage.

sonos arc in white

UP TO 11: Sonos’ Full-Send Soundbar

The Sonos Arc soundbar starts at an MSRP of $799 (get the full set including sub for $1,498), and expedited shipping is free.

But, you’ll need to wait to start the show: the Arc doesn’t ship until February 26, 2021. Hey, look on the bright side: if we’re still in quarantine, you and your social bubble can party like it’s 2019.


sonos arc in black