Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is Samsung’s most refined smartwatch to date. Fitness tracking in the form of a step counter is present, along with a four day battery life in the slightly larger 46mm model, which is the most recommended version.

Aesthetically, the watch looks and feels like a classic timepiece, with a circular stainless steel case and decorative bezel. Style meets function here, as the bezel rotates through various functions of the watch, like the Gear S3. It’s a unique idea to smartwatches and crucially; extremely user friendly and effective means of navigation.

This is run through Samsung’s Tizen software, which is also employed to ensure battery life is as high as four days. That’s with running of apps such as Spotify, fitness tracking and checking other notifications. On fitness, this is a big shift in direction since the S3 as there are additional sensors and a revamped Samsung Health app. An impressive 39 exercises can be detected, and the watch will give you a nudge if you are being too sedentary.

Further features include a reliably accurate sleep tracker and water resistance up to 50 meters, which matches that of the Gear S3 Sport.

Samsung have developed a smartwatch that not only looks good to wear, but answers the call of fitness tracker, light app work and flawless design. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great leap forward.


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