Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO

The Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO is the perfect embodiment of a bomb proof construction in a modern light, along with the inspiration that could only come with the technique of jacquard weaving. The inspiration is of agrarian heritage in classic American work wear, adding thoughtful details to set it apart from everyday work outfits.

For durability and softness, you can’t beat the lightweight fabric that makes up the shell of this jacket. It’s dense, but compact, and serves you well. Polyfilled diamond cells offer a warmth that’s hard to beat, while more comfort is in store from the seersucker flannel that lines the cape and shoulders in the back.

The chest pockets, hem, cuffs and collar are all made of woven taslan that is further reinforced for continued durability and you’ll note that the hardware is oxidized in a custom black color. The cinching feature is the drawstring hem, which is made of leather and adjustable to your comfort.

The Relwen offers a fit that is very true to size. However, for the best fit possible, be sure to measure a jacket that already fits you perfectly, and then match them to the measurements you’ll find on the site.


Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO