Rapida72 Leather Jacket

For motorcycle culture enthusiasts, Dainese has introduced the ultimate addition to your wardrobe that will not only enhance you biker style, but will provide you with the utmost protetion and security as a rider.

Leather jackets, the iconic fashion icon from the seventies, has been transformed and upgraded to Daniese standards, producing in the end your reliable companion for every bike ride: the Rapida72.

Besides being fabricated with top quality soft natural cowhide leather, the Rapida72 includes the latest innovations in shock perforamance technology. The pro-armor has certified removable elbow and shoulder protectors. You’re able to remove the protectors from your leather jacket depending on whether you’re using it on an actual bike ride, or simply wearing it as an accessory.

Rapida72 has also been designed to be practical; three outerpockets and one inner pocket are included to keep your essentials like your phone, wallet and keys safe during every ride. Most importantly, This leather jacket features a pocket for G1 and G2 back protectors.

This jacket weighs almost 2 kilograms; which is expected from the materials used to secure its quality. Despite this  means that you can overheat quickly, Rapida72 includes a printed cotton liner to cool you down when temperatures on the roads rise.

In short, Rapida72 combines style and comfort flawlessly, while providing you with certified safety and protection at the same time.


Rapida72 Leather JacketRapida72 Leather JacketRapida72 Leather Jacket