Porsche Design Carbon Weekender

Regardless of whether you are intending to go on a weekend or overnight trip or simply need something to use as a classy carry-on bag during your next flight or train trip, the Porsche Design Carbon Weekender bag is for you. This sophisticated bag is able to store your most pressing necessities for travel inside of it with ease, offering you plenty of space for storage while complimenting your high-class lifestyle and apparel at the same time. The high-end Porsche traveller is made out of real carbon material so that you can be certain of its durability. Black in color, the sophistication of the duffel is understated enough to give you that relaxed, classy look you love. It features black Nappa cow leather accents to add to its elegance, while also adding to its durability and naturally resilient nature. There are two handles on the top of the bag, each one durable enough to support the weight of whatever you place inside of it. The tops of the handles have been gently padded to ensure a comfortable carrying experience no matter how long your trip may be.

The Porsche Design Carbon Weekender zips down the middle, helping to secure all of your belongings inside. At the ends of the zippers, there are snap closures that help to secure its loose ends to the side of the duffle bag, offering a well put-together, elegant appearance.



porsche carbon weekender travel luggage bag 1