Porsche 911 Book

The Porsche 911 could easily be considered one of the all-time most recognizable sports cars to date. A signature fastback body style makes it easy to pick out its silhouette, and upon further inspection, other aspects of the car all come together for a perfect package, according to many car enthusiasts.

In Porsche 911: The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon, the car is celebrated as a sports car belonging to the “thinking man”.

The car came into existence in 1963, a smooth follow up to the classy (and absolutely gorgeous) 356. From there, it became a heated success in the motorsports world and easily propelled the car to a life of fame, becoming a deserving global phenomenon. More than that, though, it details the very evolution, from start to present age.

This book tells all, and so much more, in a hardback format that offers brilliant color photos. In those photos, you’ll see a timeline of archival proportions, with both contemporary and vintage photos, side by side. Find out how this car became the phenomenon that it is today and why it isn’t exactly a car that can, or should, be driven by just anyone.


Porsche 911 Book