PIXII Digital Rangefinder Camera

The Pixii Rangefinder could be the most simplistic radical camera to ever make its way to the market. Combining the old-school basics with modern digital functionality, you’ll find the ability to forget about SD cards.

Instead of utilizing what most digital cameras must have, with the Rangefinder, all you have to do is press the button and then check your phone. That is where the picture is placed, and it’s really just that simple.

The aluminum body still manages the depth of what you would expect from an analog camera. Additionally, with a single USB cable, the Rangefinder does away with clunky battery chargers as well as the need for an SD card. In essence, the Pixii functions just like a standard USB flash drive.

One of the nicest things about this camera is the fact that the battery is incredibly common and can be switched quickly and easily. Keeping one in reserve is no problem so no matter how long your adventures are, the Rangefinder will be as intent on capturing the memories as you are.

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PIXII Digital Rangefinder Camera PIXII Digital Rangefinder Camera PIXII Digital Rangefinder Camera