Paracord Survival Grenade

Paracord is something that many emergency preparedness experts recommend that you have. Whether you tuck it away into your emergency home kit or take it with you while camping, there are a number of different applications where paracord might be useful. It is wholly load bearing and can accommodate a lot of weight, making it ideal for getting yourself out of a sticky situation. This Paracord Survival Grenade is simple to tote around as it comes in the rounded shape of a grenade which can be tucked away into a box, stuffed in a pocket or bag or clipped onto your belt in a true grenade style for easy portability. It uses a connection ring for the latter part to make connection and disconnection smooth and simple.

The Grenade not only is full of 45 feet of paracord, but it has a number of other important and crucial survival tools as well. It comes with a knife, a book of matches, a flashlight, fishing hooks, a compass, a flint striker and so much more, all wrapped up inside of the paracord. This survival tool offers a number of different varieties of opportunity in which you can use it, making it ideal for those who are caught in their homes after storms or up the creek without a paddle, so to speak, when out in the wild. While you will hopefully never be in a position where you need the grenade, having it is very useful, not to mention feeling prepared in case of an emergency.