Opkix One Wearable Cameras

Once upon a time we were all enthralled as smart technology got continuously bigger and better, yet it seems that the newest trend has now become pocket-sized gadgets. The OpKix Wearable Smart Cameras boasts an impressive 1080 x 1080 resolution video camera, a sapphire glass lense cover and in-app image stabilization – all while weighing in at just 12 grams a piece.

An inch and a half of device is all that is needed now to squeeze in all the top features – the Opkix One is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, kitted out with a wireless transmitter to view footage on your smart device, and come with a seamless aluminium casing to keep it all safely together. A range of accessories allow for the cameras to be mounted on numerous everyday items like glasses, necklaces, tripods, holders and more personal items to ensure subtly and real-life footage.

72 minutes of recording time is a lot to carry with you, and so while the camera charges in the Pod you can transfer files directly to your device. There are a few bundles of cameras paired with eggs, pods and other accessories available for you to choose the one that will best suit you.


Opkix One Wearable CamerasOpkix One Wearable Cameras