Norlan Vaild Whiskey Glass

Developed with the intention to create the best possible nosing experience with your whiskey, the Norlan Whiskey Glass Vaild Black Edition is an ideal gift for those who consider themselves to be whiskey  enthusiasts. It comes in a unique matte black color that makes it impossible for you to see into the glass, helping to eliminate the persuasion of sight when it comes to taking in the aroma of your drink. Due to a specially designed protrusion inside of the glass, the Norlan Glass will cause your fluid to take on a standing wave shape to help oxidize the drink. This will aid in the evaporation of the ethanol, leaving you with only the best when it comes to the flavor and aroma of your favorite drink.

The whiskey glass is made out of ultra durable hand blown borosilicate glass that has been given a unique matte black finish. Measuring 9.5 centimeters tall, the glass has a 6.3-centimeter outer rum and a 3.8-centimeter square base for a unique contrast of shape and size. It can hold a total capacity of 6.9 fluid ounces at a time and is lightweight at only 125 grams. Its concave lip is designed to fit the shape of the lower lip perfectly.

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Norlan Whiskey Glass Vaild Black