Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

Going back to the basics can be a risky enterprise, especially in an industry that is best known for jeweled applications, gold sheen, and glitzy price tags. But Nordgreen’s flagship watch, the Philosopher, proves that such a gamble is worth it. They bet everything on its vision, compromised nothing, and greeted their achievements with a humble smile. What could be more Scandinavian than that?

Well, actually, the watch itself. The Nordgreen Philosopher lets materials and efficiency take the lead, and yet, thanks to Jakob Wagner’s talent, it remains a fashion statement.

Jakob Wagner - Nordgreen Designer - Bang and Olufsen

Nurtured by some of Europe’s best-reputed luxury brands, such as Bang&Olufsen or Capellini, Jakob Wagner is one of Denmark’s most decorated designers. His creations are small works of both art and engineering masterpieces. Wagner’s penchant for convenience and practicality never compromise what is pleasing to the eye.

Both the Philosopher and the Native wrist watches opt for clean lines, smooth edges, and unpretentious numbering. Japanese movement and polished crystals offer the precision of luxury brands for the modern-day art connoisseur who prefers to flash their wealth through charitable donations rather than on last-gen gadgets. However, where the Native’s black-and-white scheme aims to stay hidden and perform its tasks in the background, the Philosopher’s muted brassy coating adds a drop of fun to the evening suit.

Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

No true commitment to Scandinavian design could ever be complete without its due homage to Danish solidarity. The brand’s own Giving Back program is all about responsibility and accountability. Every time you buy a Nordgreen watch, you get the opportunity to donate to one of their three partner NGOs, depending on your own values and priorities. Choose between sponsoring education, access to clean water, or rainforest preservation, and track the effects of your donation with your unique serial number: a muted balance between transparency and customization that could only come from this brand.


Nordgreen Philosopher Watch