Nike Air Max 97 OG x UNDFTD

An improvement upon the existing black and white colorways of the original Nike Air UNDEFEATED shoes, the Nike Air Max 97 OG / UNDFTD shoes bring you the same style and comfort that sent the world into a frenzy when they debuted in a striking olive color.

The Nike Air Max 97 OG / UNDFTD are durable shoes that are intended to go with you every step of the way on your walk, run or job. They feature a unique design with a black strip that runs in a wavy pattern all the way around the shoe. The “UNDEFETED” logo is repeated along the black strip in white for a unique, eye-catching logo display. The laces of the Air Max 97  are elastic and stay tucked into the creases on either side of the lacing housing to make it simple for you to step into and out of them. The orange pull tab on the tongue of the Air Maxes makes it even easier for you to get your foot into and the pull tab on the heel allows you to ensure everything is fitting right.

There is excellent traction on the base of the Nike Air Max 97 OG / UNDFTD, allowing you to take on any terrain in almost any weather with total control. As a plus, they are incredibly stylish and sporty.

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