Nerea Yacht NY24 Day Boat

The stylish and modern Nerea Yacht NY24 Day Boat was born from a deep-seated yearning to cultivate connection in an increasingly disconnected world. Connection with the ocean, with ourselves, and with friends and loved ones who might come together to share in the simplicity of the boat’s beauty. The unassuming luxury of the vessel is powered by a 300 hp Volvo Penta Duoprop engine, which is capable of travelling at up to 32 knots.

A three-tiered stern area and forward cuddy cabin provide enough space for both comfort and practicality to co-exist, and the cockpit comes fully equipped with a mini-kitchenette to ensure a nourishing journey for all from start to finish.

The true beauty of the Nerea Yacht NY24 however lies in its sustainability – the frost-proof, water-based outer coating of Oltremateria is free of cement and expoxy resins, meaning it leaves minimal trace in the waters it so graciously sails through. The modernised interior comes fully equipped with high-end audio system and an influx of natural light to maximise the experience of being below deck, and the external design is available in three stunning finishes to customise your boat to your wishes. Choose from White, Classic Grey and Dark Shadow, and you’ll discover the artistic nature of each vessel becomes a unique and eloquent vehicle to navigate the ever-changing waves.

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Nerea Yacht NY24 Day Boat Nerea Yacht NY24 Day Boat Nerea Yacht NY24 Day Boat Nerea Yacht NY24 Day Boat