Moon Express Lunar Expeditions

Have you ever wanted to see your world from a different perspective? Not philosophically, either. We mean literally from a new perspective. Because with the Moon Express Lunar Expeditions, you’ll soon be able to see the Earth in a way you never thought possible.

View what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw in 1969 when they became the first people to land on the moon and see our home planet from afar. While it sounds like a concept from a science fiction movie, commercial lunar landings are just a few steps away thanks to Moon Express Lunar Expeditions. The Lunar Scout expedition will be the first of those steps towards consumer travel, providing non-astronauts the chance to explore the Moon.

The second expedition made by Moon Express will be Lunar Outpost, which will travel to the South Pole of the moon to establish a research outpost. With this second mission, researchers will prospect for water and minerals that help promote commercial travel. A third mission, known as Harvest Moon, is slated to launch in 2020 and will be a scientific quest to acquire lunar samples for commercial and scientific use.

With these three expeditions, commercial travel to the Moon is only a decade away. Finally, the galaxy will be opened to all fascinated by it.


Moon Express Lunar ExpeditionsMoon Express Lunar ExpeditionsMoon Express Lunar Expeditions Moon Express Lunar ExpeditionsMoon Express Lunar Expeditions