Meizu Zero Smartphone

If you haven’t heard of Meizu yet, consider this your official introduction.

Meizu is an up and coming Chinese tech company whose latest product the Meizu Zero is sliding it’s way to the forefront of advancements in smartphone technology. It’s almost as if Meizu are playing on the exaggerated sophistication of other advanced smartphone specs on the market, simply by providing users with a user-experience that is extremely minimalist in its nature.

Due to this, the seamless Meizu Zero is definitely among the most futuristic smartphones there are available on the market today. This is achieved using minimalism as a basis for it’s design.

There are no buttons. There are no input ports. There are no speakers or headphone jack – it doesn’t even have a SIM card slot.

While the lack of these features might perturb some users, lack of these hindering superfluous physical specs means that priority is given to the sleek screen and to the quality of internal functionality. Using eSIM technologies like the latest iPhones, data exchanges and charging takes place wirelessly, while the curved 6-inch display screen also functions as the device’s speaker. Virtual side-buttons and fingerprint sensor allow for volume and unlocking controls, and the only two interruptions to the otherwise seamless casing are positioned directly for tiny mic holes.

It’s uncertain yet when the Meizu Zero will make its way to the US market, but you can be sure that it’s advancements and futuristic specs will certainly be of intrigue to evolving smartphone developers all over the world.

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