McLaren 570GT XP Green Edition 2018

One of the cars that enthusiasts have always loved, the McLaren 570GT XP is lauded as perhaps one of the best that has ever come to be from that manufacturer. It has been held in comparison with the Ferrari F40 as one of the kingpins of modern supercars, which is a distinction that solidifies itself with each passing day. The history of the this car is one that has many winning races, world records and enough achievements under its belt to put it among some of the best cars around. The McLaren 570GT XP is a six unit, ultra exclusive masterpiece that is lauded as one of the best of the best.

The McLaren 570GT XP Green Edition has far exceeded the aesthetics of the F1 XP Gt Longtail and due to this, has become the centerpiece of showrooms. This is the same car that has shown some pretty memorable iterations in the recent past, being held against cars like the X1 Concept, the 650S Coupe Concept and the 720S Velocity. This Mclaren is not the first of its type to get this treatment; but it is the first one to have ever been inspired by the most famous car that MacLaren has ever put into production. The Green Edition is most definitely a meaningful car, one that has likely been created in short supply for a reason: sheer luxury and exclusivity that you won’t find anywhere else.

McLaren 570GT XP Green Edition 2018 interiorMcLaren 570GT XP Green Edition 2018McLaren 570GT XP Green Edition 2018 rear