Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you need a speaker that can accompany you on camping trips, while traveling or just around the house, the Marshall Stockwell Speaker can deliver. Small enough to hold in your hand but powerful enough to emit a robust wall of sound, this speaker is ideal for those who live life on the go but cannot live without their tunes. This portable speaker is able to outlast numerous hours of playback time, going so far as to allow for 25 hours at one time. You’ll never be without a speaker when you take this along with you. The battery is built right into the speaker and is a rechargeable lithium ion cell, one of the most durable and long-lasting batteries around. Because it is battery powered, you can enjoy the convenience of avoiding a mess of cables and wires wherever you go.

This is also because of its Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows you stream music from internet sites, streaming services, or even the content that is already stored on your tablet or your phone. You can even decline, answer or end calls that play over the speaker using the integrated phone control button. The Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black comes with a useful USB port that allows you to charge the speaker at home on any universal USB charger or while out on the go in order to ensure that wherever it is you may go, your music can go with you.