Mark II Series by Diamond Atelier

Designed for people who want a timeless shape in their bikes, the Mark II Series motorcycles has finally arrived. Each bike in this series has been made to address those who love the classic Cafe Racer look on their bikes, but it does not do so by sacrificing individuality. Instead, the Mark II Series motorcycles all have a unique signature look that Diamond Atelier is able to produce. This comes in the form of the low-slung silhouette that gives it its unique appearance. Working with Diamond Atelier was designer Julian Weber from BMW Motorrad helping with the case.

While producing the Mark II Series motorcycles, Diamond Atelier worked with a number of industry-leading professionals and suppliers who get their materials from Germany from some of the most prestigious manufacturing plants in the world. The result of this is a series of bikes that is unmatched in its quality and its performance–and its originality. The motorcycle comes in three different stages. Stage I and II both come as a modified original that uses a 41 millimeter BMW fork and a refurbished original rear shock. The Stage III bike sits on a supersport upside down fork instead. The wheels range from powder-coated original wheels to custom-built spoke wheels. Semi-slick tires make up Stages II and III, while Stage I has street tires instead. Stage I and II have 285-millimeter BMW brake discs, while Stage III has 310 aftermarket brake discs.

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