Sleep Better with Loftie

Sleep Better with Loftie

We are all guilty of a little too much phone time before bed. Staring at your phone before you hit the hay can disrupt sleep, and may keep you awake. The blue light from your phone and other devices tells your brain not to release melatonin, which is the chemical that helps initiate sleep. Many of us love to use our phones as alarm clocks, listen to sounds, music, or guided meditations before bed. Even if we aren’t staring at it, it’s always nearby. We may now have a solution! Loftie is a smart alarm clock, light, and media player designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up easier. It’s time to ditch the wall clock and leave the smartphone out of the bedroom. Get ready to sleep better with Loftie.

What Is It?

Loftie, at its core, is an alarm clock and a tool to help you sleep better and awaken gently. Loftie’s two-step alarm helps you wake up in a more natural way than a smartphone blaring noises to startle you awake. No more smashing the snooze button or searching for a blaring phone that fell off the bed in the middle of the night. And when it’s time to rise, Loftie gradually increases the sound to wake you out of dreamland gently. Loftie also tracks your sleep with a light sensor, timer, and smartphone app. It uses its observations to provide sleep data and suggestions on how to optimize your rest.

Sleep Better with LoftieHow Loftie Improves Sleep

Guided meditations, sound baths, and breathwork are all excellent ways to help you fall asleep. Loftie has all of these things built-in. There’s even a storytime mode that reads to you after you’ve drifted off. The sleep sounds, guided breathwork, and meditation gently fade out as you fall asleep. This feature keeps your brain from becoming too engaged, setting you up for the best sleep possible.

If you already have content that you enjoy listening to, connect it to Loftie via the app. Connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the Loftie app, your smart device becomes a conduit to a multitude of additional Loftie services and content. If you don’t love any of the content already available, you can mix custom sleep sounds on the Loftie website. Loftie allows you to layer sounds you find the most soothing to create a customized blend that will put you right to sleep.

If you enjoy planning your day, Loftie has some fun tools for you, too. You can pre-set alarms for particular days and set the lineup of your favorite content before bedtime. Loftie is highly customizable and lets you plan your perfect bedtime routine!

Sleep Better with Loftie

The nightlight function of Loftie is as intelligent as the rest of the design. A warm light indicates that bedtime is near, and the light grows gradually dimmer throughout the night. You can turn the nightlight on and off with a single tap should you need it. With only four buttons and sleek, low profile design, Loftie fits neatly on your nightstand.

If you’re looking to crack down on screen time or create a better tech/life balance, Loftie is an excellent choice for your bedroom. At an MSRP of $129, the results delivered by Loftie more than justify the price. Loftie’s powerful features make you more productive during the day and more peaceful at night. Leave that smartphone out of the equation and let Loftie take care of your bedtime and morning routines. Fall asleep quicker, sleep better, and wake up the right way with Loftie at your side.

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Sleep Better with Loftie Sleep Better with Loftie