Lego Art Series – Iconic Brick Maker Reignites Your Creative Side

As we get older, free time is harder to come by. When our free time arrives, most of us spend too long trying to figure out how to spend it. Should we lounge? Dust the cobwebs off of our creative gears? Learn something new? Or should we combine them all and keep our minds young? Lego created a jigsaw-style solution to combat your free time woes, integrating learning, relaxing, and building into one.

Lego is an iconic household name that designs interactive kids’ toys and gives young minds a way to explore their creativity.  That exploration shouldn’t have to stop once life slaps us with some adult responsibility, however! Lego created the Lego Art series catered towards adults who need to wind down while integrating creativity. Integrating our favorite pop culture icons doesn’t hurt, either.

lego art

The Blonde Bombshell

This artwork is perfect for decorating your home, giving you the chance to admire and reflect upon your youth’s famous icons in a fun and funky format. Lego chose to represent Andy Warhol’s famous contemporary artwork and his recognizable portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The artists at Lego wanted to integrate more than just a jigsaw puzzle into each set; a podcast accessed by a QR code allows you to tune into the subjects’ history or creators.

The Fab Four

Few bands are as recognizable as The Beatles. Their music, style, and the hope they represented are far from being forgotten. Lego chose The White Album cover as the inspiration for this Lego Art set. It’s easy to recreate the album cover in your home against a white wall with these four sets. Listen to a podcast while stacking together Ringo Star, or put on their lively music and let the Beatles inspire your own creativity.

lego art

Take a Step into the Dark Side

You can’t miss the iconic red and black of the Sith, from Darth Maul’s face to Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. Lego has a history of its own with the Dark Side. Along with the informational podcast, the instruction manual also tells the history of the Sith. It outlines the Dark Side’s evolution in the Star Wars saga and Lego’s role in the series franchise. Lego worked with Lucasfilm to create brand new artwork capturing each Sith, perfect for display in your home.

Suit Up

Tony Stark’s story is well known — a cocky businessman turned charismatic superhero who went on to save thousands and make millions chuckle. Marvel fanatics can delve deeper into Stan Lee’s vast universe with this hero-centric Lego Art set. Learn about the origins of Iron Man while building the most memorable of Tony Stark’s suits — the Mark III, the Hulkbuster, the Mark I, and the Mark LXXXV.

lego art

The Specs

For $119.99, you can pick up one of these incredible portraits today. Each set includes all the Legos you will need for one piece of artwork. Take note that each portrait is sold separately, rather than as a full collection. Each portrait includes its own instruction manual for the build, and a QR code will redirect you to the historical icons’ informational podcast.

The portraits come with an assembled black frame, hanging elements, and a handy brick separator — to save your fingernails — if you want to change up the artwork. Nine individual squares make up the complete 40 by 40-cm frame. The instruction booklet breaks down the build into the nine separate parts so you can work one section at a time.

lego art

Lego Art: Reigniting Your Youth

Reignite your passion for the creativity of Lego builds and pop-culture phenomenons in a calming, kinetic fashion. This a project that keeps on giving, whether you chose your favorite Sith to display in your home theater or Marilyn Monroe’s portrait in your front hall. Pick up a Lego Art set today, and next time you find some downtime, you’ll know exactly what’s on the agenda.


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