Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience

Those curious about what it means to drive a Land Rover and experience it for themselves are in a position where they have to wonder no further. The Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience is here, and it allows adventurers who want to enjoy their own Land Rover for a period of time to do so with a number of different variations of the experience.

The Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience comes with the Heritage program first which will allow users to drive off-road and explore the terrain using any number of different vehicles, including the Range Rover, the iconic Defender 90 and the Discovery. Any interested party might enjoy the one or two hours at a time, helping you understand how to drive the Land Rover family of vehicles using expert coaching to help you navigate hills, side slopes, crossing water and even navigating steep descents down the road.

You can go out on more challenging terrain and get better at driving under the guidance of an instructor on Half or Full Day Adventures. These allow you to drive through a number of off-road elements to let you drive with greater confidence, helping you enjoy a safer and more enjoyable driving experience in the real world. You can also choose a group experience where you can use meeting rooms, conference rooms and more, letting you take out a group at a time to have a vacation you’ll never forget. Specialist training and an Ice Academy are also available. Learn more here.