Land Rover Defender Works V8

In celebration of Land Rover’s 70th anniversary, Land Rover has introduced a limited edition, newer and more polished version of the iconic and well loved Land Rover Defender.

According to the marque, the Land Rover Defender V8 is the most high-performance and powerful version that Land Rover has ever created. It has a 5 liter naturally aspirated gas V8 powertrain that produces the impressive amount of 405 PS and 515 Nm of torque; a large improvement from the standard Defender that delivered 122 PS and 360 Nm. It also has the capacity to sprint from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and reaching a top speed exceeding 100 mph has also made it the fastest Defender that Land Rover has ever seen.

The V8 includes an eight speed ZF automatic transmission (which includes sport mode), upgraded brakes and handling kit with springs, anti roll bars and dampers. As for wheels, it will have all-terrain tires, and 18 inch diamond turned Sawtooth alloy wheels.

There will only be 150 V8 Defenders available to the public. There are eight standard colors to choose from, as well as two satin finishes; the roof remaining Santorini black.

The interior of the V8 will feel like utmost luxury. The Recaro sport seats are covered in leather, as well as the dashboard, door panels, and headlining.