Hill-Side Survival Moccasin Boots

When it comes to hiking and exploring your environment in the cold, it is important that your feet are prepared to weather the elements. The Hill-Side Survival Moccasin Boots are there to help, responsibly manufactured and sewn completely by hand to ensure their stability. Produced using classic processes that use natural rubber, you can be sure of their durability and their ability to help you stay nice and warm. Inspired by the United States Air Force survival kit moccasin boots from the 1950s, these boots are time honored and known to keep feet and ankles snug and secure.

The ultra stylish herringbone pattern of the Hill-Side Boots offers a stylish touch to your hiking boots, ones that are usually drab and bland. They feature easy lace ups that make it simple for you to get in and out of your shoes on a whim. These have a custom designed lace system that even allows for several different instances of configuration to give you not only the style you want but the right fit that you need at the same time. The canvas-backed rubber foxing tape on the boots provide you with sheer durability from toe to heel. The twill tape binding at the inner tongue keeps out the cold while locking in the heat, helping to protect your feet from the elements and the snow that often comes with getting outdoors in a cold and crisp environment.

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