Hammerhead 1979 BMW R100/7 by Hookie Co

Crafted out of an original 1979 BMW R100/7 donor bike, the Hammerhead Shark bike puts a modern spin on a classic style bike. This motorcycle features a frame that has been modified in such a way as to provide a reduced and cleaner-looking design, one that can easily roll into the modern era of bikes. The custom rear frame helps to reinforce its sleeker appearance without taking away from its rugged design.

The Hammerhead Shark bike features bodywork that is characterized primarily by its aluminum gas. It is also a two-seater design, allowing more than one person to enjoy the thrill of riding the Hammerhead Shark bike. The battery box can be found beneath the swing arm. With the motor, it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, complete with rebuilt BING carbs. The exhaust is custom made, as is the custom length YSS eco-line rear suspension. The tires are Continental TKC 80 style placed atop stock wheels for a unique ride. The disc brake and front brakes are made with rebuilt materials. On the Hammerhead Shark bike, there are a number of unique electronics, including the absolute minimal in custom wiring as well as an antigravity 16-cell battery. There is a Motogadget RFID-Keyless system that makes it simple to start up but only by you. LED headlights and spotlights make any road visible, and mini signals ensure other vehicles know where you are headed on the road.

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