Gina Smart Coffee Maker

The Gina Smart Coffee maker is a versatile tool for brewing coffee YOUR way. There’s no two-ways about it – in fact, there are three! Experiment with pour-over coffee, cold-brew/drip, and french press immersion brewer in this innovative new all-in-one coffee maker design.

A precision valve helps to control the flow of coffee drip, with the help of the Gina APP which allows you to guide the device through the stages of brewing to your taste. The steel frame has a Bluetooth scale which allows you to measure out the amount of grains you wish to use, then using a ceramic funnel on the top to set the coffee. Water is then poured on top and the valve on the bottom filters the coffee through to the stylish glass pitcher.

This creative map to your personalised coffee perfection was funded by a Kickstarter Crowdfunded campaign, and earned a ‘Red Dot Product Design’ award in 2018. It’s also available at a cheaper cost without the integrated APP technology, really catering for all generations and making sure there’s a cup of coffee customized to your liking for your next travel coffee mug refill.


Gina Smart Coffee Maker Gina Smart Coffee Maker Gina Smart Coffee Maker Gina Smart Coffee Maker