Gasoline Motor Co. Harley Davidson Scrambler

The Gasoline Motor Co. Harley Davidson Scrambler is a bike that the creator built in order to pay tribute to his lost canine friend, a brindle American Staffordshire Terrier that he rescued and cherished deeply. His pup had a hunger for adventure, and he hoped to capture the dog’s love of the outdoors by creating this bike, able to handle any sort of terrain and thrive in any sort of weather, and that is precisely what he did. The Gasoline Motor Co. Harley Davidson

The Scrambler bike has had its clearance raised and tank hidden away, making sure that each part of the bike would be suited for what he intended it to be. The tires on the Scrambler are intended for rugged terrain. It comes with a brat style seat and matching grips that are fashioned out of weathered brown leather coming straight off of a top quality hide to ensure that the ride is as plush and as comfortable as it can be. The side panels and tank were both painted with a unique camouflage pattern by hand in order to match the theme of the bike. Through all of these elements, the Harley Davidson Scrambler allows the ferociously adventurous spirit of the dog he lost to live on forever in every trek through the hills. Learn more here.