G Shock Power Trainer Watch

Highly functional with timeless athletic style, Casio’s notorious G Shock Watches has just evolved as the brand releases a new and improved model. The G Shock Power Trainer Watch boasts connectivity with the G Shock phone app, providing a straightforward way to track step counts, record up to 200miles of lap records, calculate calories burnt, and time your exercise sessions with a Multi-Timer function (up to 20 timer combinations with five timers each). Comfort level is maximised by the new band ring shape that prevents sliding along the outer wrist area, as well as band holes that provide a more snug fit. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes in five different color shades to match your changing workout wardrobe. Casio has all corners covered with this new model, combining style with functionality and value for money too.


G Shock Power Trainer Watch G Shock Power Trainer Watch G Shock Power Trainer Watch