G-Shock MT-G B2000 – One Tough Watch

Recently, Casio released the MT-G B2000 to build its G-Shock, building out its already impressive Japanese watch collection further. With upgraded features that bolster the watch’s toughness and resilience, the new edition lives up to the G-Shock name. The MT-G B2000 is a durable timepiece built to withstand a beating without affecting precision or longevity.

g-shock mtg-b2000 watch

The Tough Build

The new addition to the G-Shock collection, the MT-G B2000, sports a Dual-Core Guard. It is composed of an interior carbon fiber reinforced resin monocoque case to protect the inner workings from impact and a stainless steel metal cargo frame connected to the bezel surrounding the inner monocoque resin case. The complete metal case offers a tough outer shell to protect from external impact. And with the Triple G Resist protection safeguarding the accuracy of the timepiece from dropping shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibrations, the watch will keep you on point.

The new G-Shock MT-G models have a 12-sided polygonal bezel that reminds G-Shock enthusiasts of older models with the same polygonal dials. The bezel is separate from the case. The separation allows different metallic color expressions and a full metal case for aesthetics rather than seeing underlying snippets of resin.

Of the three models available, the MTG-B2000B has a soft urethane band, while the MTG-B2000BD and MTG-B2000D models have a layered band composed of hollowed-out metal links on the exterior and a fine resin filler on the underside. This duo reduces the weight by 15% from the previous MTG-B1000.

The composite throughout the watch allows for a lightweight timepiece without sacrificing toughness and rigidity.

g-shock mtg-b2000 watch

The G-Shock MT-G B2000 Watch Dial

Under the sapphire glass, which has an inner anti-reflective coating, is a matte black dial with accents that match the bezel. Three subdials — a stopwatch and countdown timer, alarm, and a calendar — fit snugly in the center of the dial.

The stopwatch and countdown timer max out at 24-hours. An aperture between the four and five o’clock hour markers shows the date as the calendar subdial marks the week’s day. When the darkness rolls in, an LED super-illuminator lights up the dial to keep you going even after sunset.

g-shock mtg-b2000 watch

G-Shock Watch Features and  Connectivity

Standout features outside of the protective Dual-Core Guard include the Tough Solar Power Source, Triple G-Resist protection, automatic time adjustment using Multi-Band 6 radio waves, 200-meter water resistance, and dual time zones. Dual-coil motors power the dials.

With the G-Shock Connected App linked to the watch via Bluetooth, it offers users clock status display (time reception status, solar charging status, internal data update history), self-check automatic diagnosis, automatic time adjustment, world time city setting, home time, and world time display replacement, timer, and alarm setting, and phone finder.

If you’re a frequent traveler, the automatic tie adjustment is a dream. Once you cross a time-zone, as long as your phone and watch are connected, the watch will pick up on radio frequencies and adjust the time appropriately.

g-shock mtg-b2000 watch

The Price Tag

Depending on the specific model of the MT-G B2000, the G-Shock watch will run you between $1,051 and $1,195. The Japanese watch is built to last and withstand blows to the case without affecting the accuracy. Your lifestyle shouldn’t dictate whether or not your watch is correct; with the G-Shock MT-G B2000, you’ll never have to worry.


g-shock mtg-b2000 watch