MC Audiotech Forty-10 Loudspeakers – Classically Styled Speakers for the Retro Audiophile

So you’ve got your record player all set up. Your collection is pristine. You even have a vinyl cleaner standing by for when your records get smudged. But you are missing something, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Mid-century modern bar cart? No, you’ve got that. Matching sofa? Check. Wait. Speakers! MC Audiotech has you covered with the Forty-10 Loudspeaker — a unique speaker system that blends mid-century modern aesthetics with crisp, real-world audiotech forty-10 loudspeakers

Dig that Sweet Sound

The secret sauce of the MC Audiotech is the low-frequency controller, which contains a passive circuit for the primary signal and an active circuit only when necessary. The speaker can be driven by as few as 15 watts, so go ahead and lay that smooth, soft jazz into the system. It will replicate each piano note and sax sound with crisp, true-to-life precision.

Proprietary transducers in a double-curved space array and a folded cube low-frequency enclosure assist in the outstanding sound replication. Dual high-efficiency woofers and an optional low-fi amplifier round out the low end. In short — you’re gonna hear every subtle vibration in both the highs and the lows. Is there such a thing as too much good sound?

The array has a frequency response of 100 – 20,000 Hz, while the woofer comes in between 20 Hz and 100 Hz. As far as efficiency goes, the array puts out 96 dB at 2.83 volts at one meter, and the woofer achieves 93 dB at 2.83 volts at one meter.

To complete the package, both the outputs and inputs are single-ended with CARDAS RCA audiotech forty-10 loudspeakers

Peep that Mid-Century Modern Design

Maybe you are tired of hearing about mid-century modern styling. Get over it! The aesthetic is here to stay, and the MC Audiotech Forty-10 Loudspeaker pulls off the look with timeless charm.

The total package weighs 175 pounds once assembled, but you wouldn’t believe it based on the gentle curves and clean lines featured in the unit. Make sure you have space in your listening room for this device, though — it sucks up some space at 4.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Why not dive in completely and make it the centerpiece of your music kingdom? You might as well with a finish like this.

The model showcased on the website features a satin walnut finish with aluminum accents and a cream speaker grill, but other options are available. Contact the folks at MC Audiotech for more info. They seem like they are itching to work with someone with a custom speaker in mind!mc audiotech forty-10 loudspeakers

The Buy

You’ll have to email MC Audiotech to get a handle on the pricing, but we can imagine that with this level of sound quality, material finish, and sheer size, you are looking at a hefty number. But MC Audiotech offsets the (probably) large price tag with a cool promotion. If you shoot them an email or give them a call, they will set up a personal demonstration of the Forty-10 at their offices in Pennsylvania. The demonstration will include music, beverages, and munchies. And if you make a purchase, the company will reimburse your travel and lodging expenses!

That’s a pretty confident guarantee. And it’s no wonder. The folks at MC Audiotech have over 60 years of combined experience in the high-end audio world. So shoot them a message and see what they can do for you! And think of us when you are lounging in your easy-chair, beer in hand, listening to Eddie Van Halen shred a hole in the fabric of space-time.