Ferrari Portofino

The newest V8 GT to take over its unique segment, the Ferrari Portofino is a combination of elegance, sophistication, sportiness and true comfort. The name is inspired by one of Italy’s most memorable cities. Over time, Portofino has come to be described as a place that represents understated luxury, elegance and sporty style, offering the Ferrari Portofino the perfect namesake.

Able to release an impressive 600 cv and accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 3.5 seconds, this car is perhaps the most powerful convertible around today. It offers a retractable hard top, a comfortably sized trunk and a large cockpit area that is completed with two rear seats that are ideal for shorter trips.

The engine of the Ferrari Portofino is a Ferrari V8 Turbo engine, which has been nominated twice for the International Engine of the Year award. It offers 40 cv more than the California T due to its specific calibration and adoption of engine management software. Every part of the 8-cylinder engine has been given new con rods and pistons and is completed with a new intake system design. The brand new exhaust header has been cast in a single piece, reducing losses and ensuring that there is no lag–a characteristic known to a Ferrari.

Focus has been put onto the comfort inside of the cockpit. Some of the new features of the Ferrari Portofino include an entertainment system that boasts a 10.2-inch touchscreen display. It also comes with a brand new air conditioning system and a new steering wheel. Optimized legroom has also been incorporated.

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