20 Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Did you realize that you can unlock free Amazon gift card codes with ease? The secret is, you have to know how to do it! In this article, we’re going to show you the simplest and most effective ways of getting free cards. Once you have the knowledge, it’s time to get the goodies.

As we all know, Amazon has revolutionized the way that we shop. Remember when you had to go from store to store to find what you needed? These days, you merely open your laptop and get everything that you require at the click of a button. Not only that, but the stuff is delivered to your door in mere days. You can literally find anything on Amazon, and that guarantees that you’re always paying the lowest prices.

We’re going to explore a number of ways in which you can get free Amazon gift cards, thus allowing you to purchase anything that you desire. Do you want to know the trick? Online surveys are an amazing way to make money from home. You’re not going to get rich, of course, but you can convert these rewards into free Amazon gift cards that are super convenient to use. Let’s get started.

Earn Amazon Gift Guards

Survey Junkie

Looking for a ton of paid surveys? Survey Junkie is the place to go, because each survey is allotted a point value and an estimated completion time, so you know exactly how much time you’re going to spend. Once you have 1,000 points, which is the equivalent to $10, you can cash out. Although this site offers a low payout threshold, it’s still nice to earn a little extra money from your couch.

Once you’re ready to receive your money, you will get an eGift card immediately. There is absolutely no waiting period, and not only is the payment immediate, it can also be used towards a number of different stores including Groupon, iTunes, Sephora, Target, Walmart, and so much more.

Visit: Survey Junkie


When you respond to surveys and watch videos from the comfort of your recliner, you can earn Swagbucks. Also, when you use the money through the Swagbucks shopping portal, you can enjoy great savings on the things that you purchase. It’s easy to set up your rewards and redeem these points towards free Amazon gift cards. Most surveys will earn you 50 Swagbucks, and once you reach 500, you get $5 towards your Amazon gift card.

Visit: Swagbucks

Survey Monkey

This popular rewards app sends you simple 5-minute surveys that can earn you cash. You will be paid for every survey, and once you’re up to $5, you can use this towards an Amazon gift card. It’s even possible to donate this money to your favorite charity, if you’re feeling selfless and giving.

Visit: Survey Monkey


Similar to Swagbucks, MyPoints members earn rewards for taking simple surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Once you complete a set amount of tasks, you’ll enjoy a $10 Amazon gift card for your time. Most of these sites don’t have a signup bonus, and that’s what sets MyPoints apart from the rest.

Visit: MyPoints

Opinion Outpost

Choose between redeeming your points for an Amazon gift card or getting a payout through PayPal with Opinion Outpost. Similar to the other sites, you’ll be paid for taking surveys, but Opinion Outpost also has a quarterly draw of $10,000 which you will automatically be enrolled in.

Visit: Opinion Outpost


There are numerous brands that pay iRazoo for their opinions, and then you receive payment for providing said opinions! Watch videos, take surveys, download apps, play games, and earn money all along the way. You can use these points for free Amazon gift cards, or you can accept a general PayPal deposit. No matter what you choose, you’re free to earn as much as you like.

Visit: iRazoo


It’s called InstaGC for a reason, that that’s because you can earn instant gift cards by taking surveys. Not only are surveys available for compensation, you can also shop through their online portal to save even more, as well as watch videos and search the web. Redeem your points from one of 360 different partners. You receive your payment instantly, so there’s no downtime when waiting for your rewards.

Visit: InstaGC


Doesn’t it feel good to get paid for your opinions? SurveySpot allows you to sign up through email and receive your compensation right away. Choose from either a direct PayPal deposit or an Amazon gift card. You can also earn cool things like airline miles, iTunes gift cards, and so much more. SurveySpot also has a quarterly draw that allows you to earn a serious amount of cash if you win.

Visit: SurveySpot


iPoll offers free Amazon gift cards when you share your thoughts about everyday products and services. You can easily access surveys from the comfort of your own home, or choose to use their mobile app for even more convenience. Like SurveySpot, they have a quarterly draw that can reign in some serious cash for your household.

Visit: iPoll


Don’t feel like a rebel without a prize. PrizeRebel is an easy site that in three simple steps offers you free earnings in the form of Amazon gift cards. Not only that, but PrizeRebel offers hundreds of different kinds of gift cards or a direct PayPal deposit. It’s all about options.

Visit: PrizeRebel


We all could use a crate of cash, and although CashCrate gives you a number of different ways to earn money online, you probably won’t be able to fill a crate with it. Do surveys, play games, shop, and refer your friends to earn even more bonuses. There are a number of activities that they pay cash for, and you will receive this mid-month. There’s a minimum of $20 before you cash out, but you’re patient enough for that. Earn Amazon gift cards while participating in tournaments with community members.

Visit: CashCrate


With MySurvey, it’s all about you. Earn points for completing online surveys and participating in consumer research from your computer or using their mobile app. You can redeem the points on MySurvey to purchase items from their rewards catalog, or simply sign up for an Amazon gift card. Other options include gift cards from various retailers and restaurants, or cold hard cash.

Visit: MySurvey


This online shopping portal allows you to earn cash back on purchases that you were just going to make anyhow. Simply go to Ebates’ website and search the retailer that you wish to purchase from. You’ll receive your cash back offer into your Ebates account, and that’s as simple as it gets. Some shops will offer as much as 16% cash back for a single purchase. You’ll receive payouts quarterly, and these can come in the form of a check in the mail or a direct PayPal deposit. You can also earn cash back on the purchase of Amazon gift cards.

Visit: Ebates


The name is simple enough, but Honey is a browser extension that will save you money when you apply online coupons. Now it’s more important than ever to remember those coupon codes, because they’re going to earn you more money! Honey Gold Rewards are earned when you shop at participating online retailers, and that means that you’re going to earn points on purchases that you were already going to make.

Visit: Honey


This amazing shopping app available in iOS or Android offers you eight ways to earn rewards, or kicks. You earn kicks when you walk into the entrance of certain stores that participate with Shopkick, then simply scan the barcode of the item that you purchase to earn even more. Every time that you make a purchase with the app open you’ll earn kicks, but be sure to use the linked card and scan your receipts when you’re done. This app can also be used for buying online. Whenever you earn kicks, you can redeem them for rewards like Amazon free gift cards.

Visit: ShopKick


This secret shopping app allows you to go on undercover missions at local stores. There are a ton of gift card options that allow you to redeem the points that you earn, and these include Amazon. Keep earning points every time that you go undercover, and feel like a bad @ss while you do it.

Visit: Mobee


Gazelle is responsible for selling and buying various electronics like computers, tablets, and phones. When you have an item to sell, simply choose how you’d like to be paid and watch as the money comes in. You can receive a check in the mail, an Amazon gift card, or a direct deposit through PayPal.

Visit: Gazelle


This service mostly pertains to grocery stores, but there are also other types of retailers in their program. This receipt-scanning app is one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. Simply download the app, pick a store, and start to navigate the deals that are at your fingertips. These cash back offers come to you when you purchase specific items that you need. Shop like normal, and save money in the process. Take a picture of your receipt when you’re done shopping and get cash back in the form of gift cards. Interested in getting an Amazon Prime Membership? Ibotta will give you a $20 Amazon gift card for doing so.

Visit: Ibotta

Receipt Hog

If you’re hogging your receipts, you can earn some serious rewards with Receipt Hog. Simply snap photos of your shopping receipts and submit them to earn money. Receipt Hog doesn’t care what you buy or where you shop, they’re merely trading your shopping data for rewards. Receive Amazon gift cards, magazine subscriptions, cash, or play Hog Slot for a chance to win big. They keep your shopping data anonymous, and there’s no waitlist to join.

Visit: Receipt Hog


This shopping app helps you to earn rewards for shopping at hundreds of retailers across the country. Scan and submit your receipts within 5 days of your purchase in order to earn points. There are also bonus offers on their app for specific retailers. Redeem the points that you earn for gift cards from Amazon, donate to charity, or enter certain sweepstakes.

Not interested in taking surveys or making purchases? There are still other, fun ways to earn Amazon gift cards without having to browse the internet all day long. Let’s take a look a few more ways in which you can earn.

Visit: Punchcard

Work for Amazon

Well, that seems obvious, doesn’t it? Amazon has a program known as Mechanical Turk that is a marketplace for online workers. There are tons of companies that seek workers to complete simple online tasks in return for payment, so it’s easy to find little gigs that suit your talents and interests. Perhaps you will create written content, process videos, transcribe data, or even take surveys. For those who love Amazon, this is great way to receive Amazon gift cards or a traditional PayPal deposit.

Visit: MTurk

Trade in Your Electronics and Books

Everyone has an extra piece of electronics that is not being used. Why not turn those electronics in for money? You can get paid for these unused items through Amazon’s Trade-In program. This applies to items that are in good condition, such as books, game consoles, eReaders, tablets, and smartphones. Send in your item to be assessed, with free shipping, and the accepted products will turn into payments, Amazon gift cards, and so much more.

Visit: Amazon Trade-In

Become an Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money, especially if you have a website or blog. Sign up for Amazon Associates and begin to advertise some of Amazon’s products on your site. When readers click on the links, and make a purchase, you’ll receive a referral fee for doing nothing at all. Get paid in Amazon gift cards or cash.

Visit: Amazon