Columbia River Knife and Tool Heat Forged Tomahawk

Designed to help you make the most out of your hiking and camping experiences, the Columbia River Knife and Tool is a durable tool that can cut through any of the obstacles in your way. This outdoor tomahawk is made from reliable, heavy duty and ultra durable 1055 heat forged carbon steel which is known not only for its resiliency but for its reliability as well. This steel has been given a hammered finish not only to make it more visually appealing, but to make it twice as durable. The Columbia River Knife and Tool features both an axe head and a hammer end. Use the axe edge to get through the thick of the forest and create fires using its edge to chop up wood, create kindling and more. It’s hammer end will allow you to easily hammer in the stakes of the tent that you want to erect to ensure that they are placed solidly in the ground.

This tomahawk is not only a reliable hand tool but it is a stylish and handsome one as well. This tool is equipped with a Tennessee hickory handle that is finished to bring out its natural grains, letting you feel good about the tool you are carrying with you while out in the wilderness with friends. It has been sealed with a lacquer coat that gives it a nice gleam while also protecting the wood of the Columbia River Knife and Tool from scratches.


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