Casa G Iceland

This intricately designed vacation home in Iceland was completed in 2009, after three years of construction. The architect responsible for the layout of this home is Gudmundur Jonsson.

Balancing brawn with beauty was necessary to allow the house to match the rugged countryside onto which it was built. Jonsson has a reputation for being able to do so and result was Casa G, fitting nicely into the wilderness of Iceland’s Northern island.

The exterior of the home boasts linear concepts in concrete, while the curved, slanted wood wall provides contrast, the same way Iceland’s forests and rocks contrast one another. Exquisite glazed walls offer stunning views of the land surrounding the home.

The balcony and patio area, paved with black stone, offer occupants a place to enjoy warmer days. Inside, the slate floors and cabinetry offer guests more gorgeous elements to consider.

The home’s interior features the same contrasting stone and wood that are featured on the outside. Anything that is not made of these two elements are painted white, a soft touch that only makes the inviting appeal of the home more intense.

Overall, it is the perfect match for the untamed landscape that surround Casa G.

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