A subtle exterior design allows the Casa Alpina to blend seamlessly into its mountainous surroundings. The peaks and troughs of the Santa Lucia mountains are echoed in the concrete slopes of the home, with a glazed living area and two pillars prop up the steep roofline. This creates a reason for outsiders to question the apparent weightlessness of the structure – a modern yet oddly fitting installment to the rugged terrain outside. Expansive views across the city of Belo Horizonte are accessible (and unavoidable) via the floor to ceiling windows around the house which invite the mountains beyond indoors and create a seamless flow between inside and out. A rooftop swimming pool completes the feeling of being “at one” with the outdoors, and makes Casa Alpina the perfect nature-lovers’ getaway home.

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Casa Alpina Casa Alpina Casa Alpina Casa Alpina Casa Alpina Casa Alpina Casa Alpina

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