London is a city that is full of surprises. Even locals themselves find are always discovering to know new places, and never cease to encounter a place they haden’t been to before.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars are definitely one of the things that do not fail to sprout and develop in the city of London. From fast food to high-end gourmet cravings, London is most likely to house an unimaginable amount of delicious and innovative places to relish in.

Found in the area of Bloombsbury, Bubbledogs’ menu blends sumptuous and simple palates in the most unexpected, yet flawless way. On a first impression, their dishes may seem somewhat ordinary and common. Beef, pork of veggie sausages are served on a freshly baked bun.

However, these simple dishes are dressed and bathed in elegant, locally made condiments such as truffle mayo, fresh tomato sauce and whipped feta. The seamless way of blending simplicity with complexity is precisely what makes the food at Bubbledogs so special and worth paying a visit.

Apart from their hot-dog menu, Bubbledogs offers chicken wings and Frickles with creative sauces like sticky maple chipotle sauce, and the traditional but globally loved ranch sauce.

This local is open from around midday until 11pm Tuesday through Saturday; perfect for a late-night snack, or a quick lunch.


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