Boesch 100 – VTR Customs BMW K100

Built by both a Swiss company that manufactures luxury powerboats and experts from BMW, the Boesch 100 VTR Customs BMW K100 is a true one-of-a kind piece that is unlike any other custom motorcycle built before. This sweet bike began with one of BMW’s very first water-cooled bikes, the K100. It was taken straight out of the late 80s and had its pieces stripped away to the bare basics, leaving only the factory framework and body to work with. From there, a shorter, newer subframe was welded onto it and came with an integrated LED taillight to start. An aluminum sheet was used to create a seat pan as well as a tail portion, each part being shaped to match perfectly the lines of the body. A custom front fairing was made using an alloy in order to take up the bow of the bike. Once the horizontal inline was given a quick tune up, it was fitted with a uniT aftermarket exhaust that helped to make it perform more sharply. Handlebars were clipped on and have been fitted to the factory forks in order to clear the fairing that was added on. A side-mount number plate sticks off of the driveshaft in order to help keep the tail looking clean. The rear has been opened up using slime side panels. One of the most common features of the Swiss boat maker’s designs include wood, so there is wood paneling along the length of the bikes.

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