1992 BMW R80 RT By Vagabund Moto

The Vagabund workshop in Graz, Austria is known for its tendency to build original things without repreating themselves. The 1992 BMW R80 RT  is the perfect example of Vagabund founder’s Paul Brauchart and Philip Rabl’s eagerness to produce a unique and creative version of one of their previous productions.

With only 15,000 miles recorded on the 1992 BMT BMW, Brauchart and Rabl would be happy to know that there was not much work to be made on the engine. This could only mean that there were endless possibilities as to how this bike was to be crafted.

The new designs and upgrades that made this ride unique were an impressive 3D printed seat with personalised upholstered detailing. While its body was entirely remade and renovated, the fuel tank was left untouched, while integrating an LED backlight.

A Motorgadget speedometer, LSL handlebars and two Continental ContiRoadAttack tires were also an important addition to this production. Brauchart and Rabl also built in a custom-made subframe, covered the bike with powder, installed a Supertrapp muffler, and upgraded the stock rear shock with YSS.

The final touch to this incredible piece of machinery were glass fiber-strengthened black plastic covers that give a this masterpiece a dark futuristic image.



1992-BMW-R80-RT-by-Vagabund-Moto-motorcycle 1