Some Like It (Exactly This) Hot – Do It with iTemp

Give your last bitter kiss goodbye to cold coffee, coagulated soup, and not-hot tea with the iTemp Smart Mug and Bowl. The insulated mug and bowl set is filled to the stainless-steel brim with technology fit to make you forget you ever drank the lukewarm swill in days past.

I brewed a hot cup and tried to write this article while it was still warm. Needless to say, I soon found myself scrambling to support iTemp’s Kickstarter campaign and claim my own smart mug set.

What’s behind the iTemp Insulated Mug and Bowl? Let’s find out.

iTemp Insulated Bowl and Coaster in black

Heating Elements: Specs and Tech

The first thing we noticed about the iTemp Smart Mug and Bowl was its simplistic design. The Bluetooth-compatible mug, bowl, and heating coaster (one standard set) are machined from food-grade 304 stainless steel — time-tested, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. iTemp offers the utile set in white or black colorways.

Here’s where the fun starts. Rip your insulated mug and bowl set from the packaging, charge up the coaster, and download the iTemp app. From here, you can personalize temperature settings for various food and drink (seriously — adjust for drink type and volume), track your hydration and other diet habits, and even program the mug and bowl to a heating schedule. Do you want 187-degree coffee from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m.? iTemp can do that.

If you’re a little more old-fashioned, utilize the set’s manual controls. Touch the coaster to turn it on and start temperature regulation. Double-tap to resume a preset temperature. For safety, iTemp even adds a boil-dry shutoff function.

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Crowdfunded Heat: The Story of iTemp

iTemp comes from humble beginnings. BlueBeard Studio’s founders started the project in response to their own needs, simply imagining dinnerware that would keep food and drink at their personal favorite temperatures. They made iTemp a reality after a successful crowdfunding bid.

It is immediately clear that iTemp leads with its product — it’s a refreshingly simple approach that engenders a sense of transparency. The Kickstarter page abounds with specs, technical photos, and backstory items. In fact, you can track iTemp’s progress through the “Updates” tab. The posts feel grounded and organic, including candid behind-the-scenes production photos (clearly shot with phones), direct responses to prototype criticisms, and updates on solutions.

iTemp Insulated Mug and Bowl with Coaster in black

CAUTION! Contents May Be Hot: How to Pick it Up

The iTemp Smart Mug and Bowl are coming in hot. You can get your hands on a set through a Kickstarter pledge — various assortments are available throughout a range of pledge tiers. Even more encouragingly, early bird pricing is in effect: pledge $99 now for an insulated mug set that will retail at $133. With the money you save, you could even pick up an insulated bag and complete the kit.

One thing’s for sure: hot times are coming your way.

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