The 79 Best Tree Tattoo Designs for Men

I think we can all agree that nature is beautiful. Even if hanging out in the woods isn’t your thing, we can all appreciate its beauty, even if it’s only from afar. When it comes to nature, there’s nothing more fundamental than trees. They can be found everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. More importantly, they are essential to life itself.

For that reason and more, many people choose to get tattoos of trees. That may seem like a simple and boring tattoo to get, but not if you look at what trees have meant in various religions and cultural mythologies. They represent life, wisdom, and community, giving great meaning to tree tattoos beyond merely being a fan of landscapes and nature.

On top of that, there is no shortage of ideas for how to incorporate a tree into a tattoo. Some people emphasize the branches while others prefer roots. It’s also common to turn a tree into a family tree, adding more meaning to the tattoo. Some people also like to turn a tattoo of one tree into a tattoo of many trees, sometimes adding in lakes, birds, and animals to make it a full scene of nature. Finally, there’s always the option of getting a tattoo of a palm tree for laid back people who want to convey that message to the world.

Here are 79 great tree tattoo designs.

Speckled Tree

Spooky Moon Sprouting Flowers Stag Tree Sun and Moon Sunshine Behind Tree Tall and Skinny Tall Palms Tiny Trees Tree Feet Tree of Skulls Tree Puzzle Twigs on Back Twisted Spine Twisted Tree Utah Trees Vertical Roots Water Colors Waving Tree Neck Branches

Night Camping Orange Tree Palm Skulls Palm Tree Sunet Palm Trees Path to the Forest Pine with Deep Roots Pine with Roots Reflecting Lake Roaming Bear

Root of Heart Roots and Leaves Serpent Tree Skeletons in Tree Skinny Trees Skull Tree Small But Detailed Abstract Tree Bare Family Tree Barren Tree on Chest

Beach Scene Big Oak Tree Birds and Balloons Birds Fly Away Birds Fly Overhead Bodhi Tree Celtic Tree Circular Tree Clasped Hands Colorful Palm Tree

Colorful Pine Colorful Rib Tree Count the Rings Deep Roots Empty Branches and Names Empty Oak Esther Face in the Tree Family Roots Family

Forearm Tree Forest of Pines Full Back Tree Full Chest Tree G Tree Giving Tree Guitar Tree Half and Half Hand Tree Haunted House

Heart Beats Helix Supported Tree In the Mountains In the Red Inside the Bear Many Trees Mirror Image Weeping Willow Wrist Tree