The 8 Best Tenkara Fishing Rods

Tenkara fishing, which was first developed in inland Japan and on trout streams is quickly gaining popularity in the West. High altitude hikers and backpackers are especially fond of the simplicity and clean aesthetic associated with tenkara, with only the tip, fly, and line being the three most essential components, stripping the sport of any excess. However, the excitement and precision tenkara offers have increased its profile among small stream anglers, as well.

Once you venture into tenkara, you will find the thrill that keeps enthusiasts glued to this activity. Tenkara is quite a revolution in fly-fishing, which is a sport that is quite resistant to change. Instead of using flimsy bamboo, tenkara employs rods of unbelievable lightweight and durability and which are still collapsible to fit easily into your backpack.

Tenkara fishing rods are a big part of tenkara fishing, and you need to select the fishing rod that best suits you from the vast array available in the market. Tenkara rods provide a marriage of opposites as they are delicate but strong, flexible but firm. To help you choose, here are 8 of the best tenkara fishing rods you can buy.

Tenkara USA SatoTenkara USA Sato

Are you looking for the best tenkara starter rod? Look no more as the solution lies in this Tenkara USA Sato fishing rod. Tailor-made for small and moderate streams with little wiggle room, the versatile rod is light and elegant. The rod is designed with the triple-zoom technology synonymous of the company, which allows adjustment to three lengths so you can fine-tune your fishing presentation according to prevailing conditions. The adjustability of the rod helps you to ratchet its length to fit your ability, which is a mindful quality catering for novice anglers. The soft fit of the rod allows for accurate and effortless casting. Despite the novice level of this rod, it can catch fish of up to 15 inches in size.

With a relatively shorter length, the fishing rod is perfect for tight streams, but its full length still allows angling in open streams. The rod design includes the Keep You Plug System, which is designed to prevent you from losing rod plug by allowing the removal of the plug from the top section of the rod and inserting it in the bottom end part. The 6:4 action rod provides for fast action. The fishing rod comes with the 20-meter tenkara level line, which features little memory with high visibility and right casting stiffness. With the tenkara line holder, the fishing rod offers quick winding of the line after fishing, and the notches ensure that this Tenkara USA Sato fishing rod allows for excellent holding of flies in the hands.

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Dragontail Tenkara ShadowfireDragontail Tenkara Shadowfire

Find fish in locations where the fishes are found at 17-19 inches deep with this Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire fishing rod. The American-made product gives quality and style a new meaning in fishing. The high-performing fishing rod is quite affordable for a rod performing at the level of mid-tier rods that can catch small and medium-sized fish easily. The 6:4 rod provides for soft action, and its weight of three ounces makes for easy transportation. Made with high-quality carbon fiber called IM graphite, the rod is not just lightweight but also strong, so you will be able to use it for a long time.

With a collapsible length of 20.5 inches, the rod is easy to carry in your backpack, and the hard storage tube also enhances mobility with this rod. The rod has no reel making rigging super quick as it can be set up in approximately three minutes, so there is no wait time when fishing with this rod. The rod comes with a complete starter package that has everything necessary to begin tenkara fly fishing.

The package includes an EVA foam line holder that offers good grip and a Moonlit line perfect for use at night. Versatility is a huge component of this rod, thanks to the nine segments that offer lots of play even when going against the large trout. The swivel tip lillian of this rod is thin enough to allow easy sliding through the second tip section, so you can take it fully apart when cleaning as the swivel tip allows the rotation of your lillian and swiveling with your line. The handle of this Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire fishing rod is designed with the classic double-hump shape for various grip options according to your preference.


Maxcatch Tenkara RodMaxcatch Tenkara Rod

Get value for your money with this Maxcatch Tenkara fishing rod. Perfect for anglers on a budget shopping for fishing rods, it is affordable while still performing at a high level. The fishing rod is 100% made of carbon fiber, so the rod will serve you for years to come. The superlight fishing rod is available in two options of 12 inches and 13 inches, so you can choose according to your stature or preference, with the lightweight allowing easy transportation and use. With a 7:3 action rod, which is divided into nine segments, the rod comes in a telescoping body making it an excellent choice for easy compressing and packing, and the 21.3-inch rod fits easily into your backpack. Not only does the 12-inch cork offer the best casting excellence, but it also provides great grip and comfort.

The IM8+10 carbon fiber materials used to make the rod makes it light and strong, and the tiny tip of the rod offers great precision while still providing slight rotation to enable you to catch a big trout. Perfect for a novice in Tenkara rod fly-fishing, the rod only weighs 4.2 ounces for easy usage. With a one-year warranty, the Maxcatch Tenkara fishing rod provides a quality product that guarantees an extended service time, but you will have to handle the great telescopic design with care since it can easily get stuck due to erratic pushing. The triple zoom allows you to fish at different adjustable lengths aided by the AA-great handle for added grip and comfort.

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Wild Water Tenkara RodWild Water Tenkara Rod

Get a complete starter package with this Wild Water Tenkara fishing rod. The package comes with a 12-foot rod and a lifetime warranty, which means that it is one of the most durable fishing rods on the market. The slow action rod is made of strong and flexible material with the IM8 graphite material, making sure that it serves you for years. With a western-style molded grip, the fishing rod is easy to handle and provides great grip, and the rod sock makes storage of this rod easy after use. The package comes with a foam spool, so you have effective line storage. The fishing rod comes with a 10.5-inch tenkara level line that provides high visibility perfect for use with low light.

The 12-inch rod can be divided into nine sections which offer great versatility. Weighing only 3.4 ounces, the fishing rod is light, which provides great comfort and precision even for a novice angler. The butt section of the rod provides room for storage of the rod sections, which are collapsible to a length of 20.5 inches, so you can easily travel with the rod. A cloth bag and a hard storage case that is 23 inches long provide protection and storage for the rod. The rod handle has an aluminum end cap, which unscrews, thereby allowing the removal of rod sections. The complete package of this Wild Water Tenkara Rod makes it a great possession for any angler and the instructions are easy to read to get you started in less than 10 minutes.

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Seaquest Tenkara RodSeaquest Tenkara Rod

Increase your level of success in fly fishing with this Seaquest Tenkara fishing rod. A perfect choice for someone who does not want to keep returning to the shop to buy a new rod, the rod is made with 100% carbon fiber, which makes it a strong rod to provide you with service for years to come. The carbon fiber material also makes it super light for easy handling, traveling, and storage. Line storage is provided for by a line winder included in the package, so you can always store the line safely after a fishing episode. The fishing rod comes with replacement parts that make sure the top two sections are covered in case they break.

Despite the length of the rod measuring 12 feet, it can collapse to just 20 inches providing for easy storage and transportation. The AA-grade materials used to make the cork handle covers 10.2 inches of the rod to provide maximum comfort during fishing. With a weight of only 3.3 ounces, the rod is light enough for travel. The materials used to make this Seaquest Tenkara fishing rod ensure that it is extremely durable. Apart from the first segment in which the lillian is attached, the other segments removable allowing for easy cleaning and drying. In normal light, the Seaquest Tenkara fishing rod is dark, but direct sunlight gives it a green color adding style to fly fishing.


Tenkara Rod Co. SawtoothTenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth

When looking or a more playful and flexible fishing rod, this Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth will meet all your needs. With a 5:5 action, the fishing rod casts easily and is easy to handle despite flexing more than a 6:24 action rod. It comes with a case included for easy storage and protection when not in use. The 12-foot rod gives a good length for fishing in any stream and is it still collapsible to 50.8 centimeters to make it easy suitable for travel. With a weight of only 3.2 ounces, the rod is light for easy handling and enhances precision when fishing.

The rod design is suitable for catching fish ranging between six inches and 18 inches, but it can still catch larger fish. It comes with swivel tips include preventing the line from tangling so that you experience an effortless fishing experience. You will not be disappointed with the colorful design of this rod, which gives it nice aesthetics. The simple nature of this Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth fishing rod and its effectiveness will make you obsessed with fly fishing. The soft action of the rod also enhances the ease with which you will approach fly fishing.


Tenkara IwanaTenkara Iwana

Boost your fly-fishing experience with this Tenkara Iwana fishing rod. Perfect for medium action fishing, the rod comes in a high-quality and glossy carbon fiber finish, which makes it light, flexible and strong. The ultra-lightweight and progressive taper of the rod allows for easy handling of fish with great precision. Included is a case that makes it easy to store and transport the rod while also protecting it when not in use. The rod has a delicate casting ability and provides precision action for both small and large fish.

Coming at a great value, the all-rounded rod feels light in your hands allowing you to fish with great precision thanks to its weight of 8 ounces. It is not short of beauty with the nice glossy finish allowing you to have a glimpse of the high-quality carbon fiber used to make the rod. It also comes with the 3.5 inches tenkara level line, which is orange in color for great visibility in low light. With no reel of frills, this Tenkara Iwana fishing rod is perfectly suited for a mountain stream of any size. The 6:4 action provides for soft and fast action and the 20-meter level line features little memory while also offering the right visibility and casting stiffness.


Tenkara USA HaneTenkara USA Hane

Are you looking for an all-around compact tenkara rod? Go for this Tenkara USA Hane fishing rod. Perfectly designed for any mountain stream, the fishing rod can catch a range of fish from bass to trout. It is made of durable material that does not compromise its durability turning it into a favorite adventure rod. The 10 feet 10-inch rod is collapsible to less than 15 inches making suitable for travel, and its small day pack provides a great space for storage and protection, so you can enjoy the rod whether you are bike fishing, backpacking, or going on other adventures.

Designed to withstand any mountain stream, the versatile rod comes with a guarantee of parts replacement when a part is broken. It also comes in a unique white color providing a perfect blend with the sky so the movement of the rod will not stand out when fishing meadow streams and ponds. At just 3.5 ounces, the Tenkara USA Hane fishing rod is super light allowing easy handling and precision fishing, and it is divisible into 12 segments for easy cleaning. The kit comes complete with an 11-foot traditional line, as well as an 11-foot 6-inch tapered nylon line. For a high performing rod, the Tenkara USA Hane fishing rod is quite affordable.