The 6 Best Shot Timers

Becoming a competent shooter requires a lot of practice. Being able to measure your progress accurately is an important aspect of developing your skills. This is where the shot timer comes into play.

A shot timer is an essential piece of equipment to have when training to use a firearm. It is a small device that allows you to track your shooting times so you can improve on them. It works by measuring the amount of time you take to make an individual shot or a series of shots. People generally use shot timers in competitions, but you can use them anywhere to improve your shooting performance.


For those seeking an affordable shot timer, the Pocket Pro II from Competition Electronics is a great option. Both professionals and beginners alike use this shot timer, and it has stood the test of time.

You can configure it in three ways: Rounds Per Minute, Single Time only and Review Direct. All three configurations display the battery usage. The Pocket Pro II also comes with a shot sensor and a 1.5 KHz start buzzer, which can penetrate any protective noise gear.

The gadget also has a very useful feature for adjusting the sensitivity. The design includes medium-sized buttons, which make starting the timer very easy. The device has a built-in power saver, shutting down the unit automatically after 10 minutes of idleness. The power saver is an excellent mechanism for preserving battery life.

The Pocket Pro II is available in both gray and blue and comes with an appropriately-sized LCD screen for displaying shot times. The ergonomic design allows you to use it with either hand, and the large clothespin style clip makes it easy to carry around.



CED 7000 Shot TimerCED 7000 Shot Timer

The CED 7000 shot timer is one of the most popular timers available today. Gun enthusiasts highly recommended it for dry-fire practice shooting. The timer has a very modern look, resembling a 90s video gaming console. The features of the CED 7000 timer make it ideal for more professional shooters.

One of the most attractive features of the CED 7000 timer is that it’s very lightweight and compact, yet still very efficient. The timer comes with rechargeable batteries, thus eliminating the need for constant replacement. It is also very convenient to carry around as it comes with a lanyard for hooking around your neck or wrist. The timer also has a small LCD screen that displays time and review functions. It includes an auto-start mode, a countdown mode, a spy-mode, and a stopwatch mode.

When it launched in 2006, this timer was the most innovative model for displaying times, splits, mode and review functions on an illuminated screen. The dry-fire mode on this timer produces soft beeps, which makes it convenient to use at home. The device works well on different shooting ranges, both indoors and outdoors.



PACT Club Shot Timer 3PACT Club Shot Timer 3

The PACT Club Shot Timer is a small device that fits comfortably in your hands. It has a very unique design characterized by deep-press buttons. This prevents the device from being activated accidentally when being held. Also, the microphone and the buzzer locations are on the side of the device, so they will not be covered when you’re using the device.

You can review up to 100 shots can with this timer. The timer also comes with par time as well as an automatic battery saver and data compression. The LCD screen is located on the top of the device and displays a number of statistics at once. These include total time, shot number, and split time.

The microphone on the PACT Club Shot timer is highly sensitive and will record shots very easily. The buzzer indicates the start of recordings with a loud, clear signal. Another very attractive feature of the PACT Club Shot Timer is the lifetime warranty. Simply return the device, and the manufacturers will repair it at no additional cost.





Many hobby shooters prefer the Pocket Pro timer for its bare bones design. It’s smaller than the Pocket Pro II and has fewer display modes. Competition Electronics made this shot timer to measure shot time intervals accurately. It’s very useful for personal practice and scoring matches.

You can use the Pocket Pro to review a maximum of 50 shots either in reverse or forward mode. It comes with an LCD display, and displays shot reviews, split times, and shot number. It has a random or selectable switch. The device comes with a built-in power saver that will turn it off automatically after 10 minutes.

It runs off a 9-volt battery that you can replace easily. The device also has a separate shot sensor and buzzer for optimal performance. It displays time up to 199.9 seconds.




Espresso Supply manufactures this digital shot timer from food-safe ABS plastic. It features an attractive chrome finish and includes an LR44 battery as well as a magnetic strip and instruction manual.

You can use this device to count by hours, seconds, or minutes. It comes with a stopwatch built in to assist with the accurate timing of shots. Once the timer gets to zero, the alarm will go off for a minute, after which it will start counting up showing the time that has passed since reaching zero.

The digital memory function of the Espresso Supply timer makes it an excellent countdown timer, which is essential for accurately timing shots.




Made of durable, high impact plastic material, this shot time is a very lightweight device that comes in an aesthetically pleasing blue color. The feature that sets it apart is the clothespin-styled belt clip.

You can use the clip to attach the time to a shooting belt with ease, and you won’t need to worry about the clip coming loose with excess movement.

You can switch the timer to delayed start or instant start functions. This unit also runs off a standard 9-volt and features an LCD screen that displays time up to 199.9 seconds with a shot capacity of 50 rounds.